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'21 Model 3 Performance, Lease Transfer/Takeover, $0 down, 9051 miles

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'21 Model 3 Performance, Lease Transfer/Takeover, $0 down, 9051 miles

Looking to get out of my Tesla M3P, I could just return it, but the payoff has been bouncing around so figured I'd give this option a try. :)

It's going away soon, so the only caveat is the timing for a transfer, if this is really a 6-8 week process, I might need to move quicker (and I assume the early termination doesn't factor into this).

Just want the fees covered (Transfer $500 and Application $150), $0 additional down payment, leased through Tesla.

Monthly Payment: $625.68
17 months of 36 months / 19 remaining
Maturity date: 06/20/2024
Mileage: 9051 with 30000 total (10K/year) for lease (leaving ~1260/month)
MSM exterior / White interior

Very clean, a few very minor things (tiny 2mm chip on the hood, a couple of small (~2"), light scratches at the very base of the front window, I can provide pics). Last disclosure, the left rear tire is a non-Tesla specific, but proper spec/size Pirelli (had a puncture at 3K miles, couldn't source a T0 tire).

I'm located in NE Florida (St. Augustine).

It's sitting exactly at 9051 miles as indicated, probably won't use it much over the next couple of weeks (I don't really daily it).