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21" Turbine Wheels and VIN

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Tesla store shows this if wanting to order 21" wheel package:

Tesla PN:

VIN < P50900: 1019311-00-B
VIN > P50900: 1053755-00-A

Does anyone know what the change is when VIN is above P50900?
Would 21" wheels from a lower VIN fit VIN above P50900?
can wheels be interchanged then? i.e. Can I put Pre VIN 50900 wheels ONTO a later VIN and TPMS will still work?

No, the VINs are to delineate the TPMS sensor switch over from a Chinese brand (IIRC) to Continental's TPMS. Thus, if you want your TPMS to work, you must have the correct sensors for your VIN.

Good news: the current price for four new Continental TPMS sensors is only $200 ($50 each) plus tax; no idea what the older sensors cost.

p.s. Note that you'll also have a constant warning light if your TPMS isn't working . . .