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21" wheels from 2014 Model S (Chicago Area)

Hello everyone! I would like to sell a set of 4 of the 21" wheels (with tires) from my 2014 Model S.

They are all in good shape, I swapped them out for the 19" wheels a couple of years ago with the intention of putting them back on for warmer weather, but am not planning on using them now.

I will take any reasonable offer for them, as long as someone is able to come pick them up in the north Chicagoland area. Please PM me if you are interested.

To hopefully answer some questions I received!

Also (as I learn more about tires from questions) they are (I am 99% certain) staggered, and as you can see have the silver finish.

Also - they do have some wear (as you can see from the pictures) as they were in use for 4-5 years. But otherwise were great (again, mostly took them off with the intention of swapping back in warmer weather).
Hi, I might be interested, can you send me some more pictures of the curb rash? Do the tires come too, if so, how much tread depth is left?

Tires come too - I'm not sure what the best way to measure tread depth is but I will try to figure that out.

Curb rash is probably pretty similar to what is seen above, but I will also get some pictures of that later.
FYI for anyone interested, I got a tread depth gauge and it looks like these are right on the edge of green/yellow, I think around 5/32s if I'm reading that right (though I am not sure if the 21" tired would have a shallower tread depth by default).

A couple of people asked about price - I found it a little difficult to find a good guess as to what is reasonable, though it seemed to be ~$2-3k? So I'll say "$1500 OBO".

(I do have a friend who I would sell them to cheaply, so if no one is interested in the next week or so, I'll probably just do that.)
tl;dr - will take an offer for someone to come pick these up (in Chicago North suburbs) in the next couple of weeks

For...reasons, I have ended up still having these. After some consideration - I'm probably just going to trade them in with my existing car, but I don't expect to get much if anything for them from the trade in per Tesla.

SO - if you want them, and can come get them before I get delivery of my new vehicle sometime in the next couple of weeks, I will pretty much take any offer for them. I'm not particularly looking to make $ on them. Mostly just want them out of my garage for spring cleaning, and it seems a shame to just give them back to Tesla - they don't need the money. :)

Let me know if you would like them!