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24 chargers in downtown Barrie parkade

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12 Tesla HPWCs and 12 J1772s. Why in the world? Are they gonna have another Supercharger in Barrie or what?
Its pretty obvious why they are doing this. Its the halfway point between Toronto and Muskoka. Especially during long weekends when the drive up there takes twice as long. Businesses want in on the action

Possibly this is the reasoning but it'd be dead wrong. As someone who drives up to Muskoka every weekend from Waterloo, and always via Barrie whether taking the back roads or main roads, I'd note that:

(a) with Google maps navigation, traffic rarely adds more than 30 minutes to the drive (which is already 3h long for me);
(b) during the spring, summer, and fall months no charge is needed even though the trip is 294km
(c) even when we do need to charge (during the winter) we'd never bother with a destination charger. I've only ever seen one or two others at the small supercharger in barrie, and if it was busy you'd just hop right back on the 400 and stop at the 20 stall location.

It's great that Barrie has all that charging, but I wonder if part of it is the mayor trying to change Barrie's image. Presumably some not insignificant amount of the housing market there is being driven by Toronto folk willing to live far out of town, and in that Barrie competes with Milton, Guelph, Cambridge, and even KW for those homeowners. If Barrie is seen to be where Tesla ownership is a thing, perhaps that improves its place in the competition to attract residents.

P.S. It's frustrating/sad that I have to run Google maps navigation to avoid the traffic, when Tesla nav uses the same data; but unfortunately Google makes better decisions than Tesla nav by a noticeable margin for avoiding traffic.