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24 hours with the Polestar 2

I’m. not sure that’s not using a calculated range, rather than Tesla’s “this range if you drive like a nun”. I’m sure I’ve read that the Polestar rated range is in excess of 300miles.

I mean, I dont know what I'm talking about, just going by this thread. But at the end of the day a new Model 3 Long Range at 100% battery shows 322 miles, a new Polestar2 with 100% battery shows 270 miles. If realistically they get the same range that's another story, but neither company is putting asterisks all over the place to that effect...


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Apr 8, 2018
another comparative review with M3 today :)

He really seemed to prefer the handling of the Model 3. I've mentioned this in other threads, that the car is going to feel quite different to the Polestar 2. It's simple physics - it's lower down and is going to feel more firmly planted when cornering. That's not to say the Polestar 2 wouldn't be fun to drive, but for somebody who enjoys a sporty feel to the drive I agree with this reviewer's thoughts. The Model 3 is the better option.
Joe Mode will solve this for you.

Ah yes...

Just to get a couple of things very very clear as they seem to have cropped up more than once in this thread.

Yes, I know there’s a volume control on the steering wheel - I use it all the time. I’d just prefer to have a proper volume control on the console as well, especially when I’m a passenger as the touchscreen control for volume is a solution to a problem no-one ever had.

Yes, I know about Joe mode. It was among the first of the controls I turned on in my car, and since that time has never been switched off, so lord knows how intrusive the chimes must be without it, because even with Joe mode on they’re still stupidly loud.

Perhaps there should be a ‘Windsor’ mode to shut the thing up and have it only communicate in discreet hushed and respectful tones. As it is, it feels like the automotive equivalent of people who use their phones like this.
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Apr 18, 2019
The What Car review is as bad as the FC review, really. It just depends what lens you are looking through.
Unfortunately true for every review. I gave up reading which reviews of cars (and cast serious doubt on the whole operation) when I realised that every review they did basically just complained that the car wasn't a focus. Shopping for tiny city cars (as we were) 'ahh, but the boot is too small to be practical', shopping for a big car 'its nice, but hard to navigate small streets in'. Like obviously if I'm looking at a smart car, Toyota IQ or VW Lupo then yes, the boot will seem small for going on holiday and it will be underpowered on the motorway.

Really peeved me and I've been suspicious of reviews ever since. Need to know which outlets are biased which way. Rob is super pro EV and let's face it would probably want a Volvo or Saab if he could ;-)
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... because Volvo was knocking out frontline fighter jet engines and building rocket engines before Elon was wearing long trousers to school. ...
I almost stopped reading because of this strange initial confusion between Volvo and Saab. I have owned both Swedish Volvos and even a DAF, so I do have a trifle of history, albeit nothing remotely comparable to Colin Powell, but not many people are as Volvophilic as is he. Otherwise I found your review very interesting and relevant.

It was surprising to see you not mention Geely especially because they build the Polestar and have quite a few BEVs, mostly in China but also own the iconic London taxi which now has not only the TX taxi and Shuttle but a van too. That is not to mention the Smart and so on, plus that they are non-government owned.
't want to belabor those points but do want to assert that Geely is quite determined to innovate, so I fully expect to see rapid improvements to Polestar products. Sooner or later they'll probably have some Polestar products built in Sweden and might even label them as Volvo. In the meantime they'll have OTA updates and improvements in packaging too. We will soon see one that is not a derivation of ICE, but that may take an eternity in Geely-time, like three years or so.

No question I don't want a Polestar 2. That could easily change when the next ones comes along.
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