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2527 mi Roundtrip FSD NOA and Beta

2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta (2022.4.5.21), Hardware 3, 112K miles

TL/DR only a few issues, worked very well.

Completed a 2527 mile round trip

Used 729 kWh
Avg. Energy 289 Wh/mi.
Super Charging $230.58 across multiple states, some with per minute rates.

Used FSD Beta and Navigate on Auto Pilot (Highways – defaults out of FSD Beta to FSD Nav on Autopilot).

Highway Phantom Braking around trucks appears to be resolved. As other users have noted the braking/slowing appears to be from Speed limit changes, not the trucks. For example, pass a sign that drops you to 55 mph, you manually adjust to 65 to stay with flow of traffic, then say ¼ mile down the road it drops back to 55 even though there was no sign. So if you were near a truck you’d think it was the truck. The fear of encountering the nightmare braking experience I had last year came up again, but this time no issue. I was in middle lane, tractor trailer was in right lane and another tractor trailer was closing on me in the left lane. As we entered a curve on the highway I was prepared for the worst Phantom braking in the history of Phantom braking, sandwiched right in the middle of both of them as we transited the curve, no phantom braking at all.

Did encounter a situation where on an off ramp it really messed up. It took the ramp at 75 and continued down the ramp and into the curve towards the traffic light, it finally figured out it needed to stop and went to slow then it immediately had to slam the brakes to keep from entering the intersection. This was the only bad one I experienced. It did stop though. No cars were around. I am not sure if it was a Beta issue or NOA issue, seeing I was watching the rapidly approaching traffic light and not the screen. Normally when you hit the off ramp it switches to Beta, except if it is an interchange between highways.

Like to see Auto Lane change fixed especially exit HOV. Comes out of left lane into the right lane then immediately goes back into left lane. Cars/Trucks are ahead in right lane, it exists left lane and then realizes traffic in right lane is going slower and goes right back to left lane. I turned off exit HOV lane and that helped. Also it waits to long to change lanes and the car in left lane has closed on you and you end up cutting them off or canceling the lane change.

Had a situation where I was in far left lane of 3 lanes coming up on an exit in couple miles, two more lanes merged making it 5 lanes. The screen started showing the straight gray line it projects down the middle of the adjacent lane car is going to change into before showing the actual lane change, only problem was I was in 5th lane and it projected it in far right lane. When it got down to 1 mi before exit I had to work the blinker to get over to the far right lane. Only happened once during the trip.

Beta worked well off the highways, I manually overrode the turns unless nobody was around. It is definitely improving, still has the phantom slowing but much less. Made the trip enjoyable and not stressful.

They need to fix the on ramp, at end of ramp it is up to speed but it can’t handle the end of the on ramp curve and hits the left lane line and even crosses it. It puts you into all the gravel and debris that collects there and scares the vehicles in the right lane of the highway. Go Tesla!
Nice write up. I’ve experienced similar issues on a road I frequent where the speed limit increases to 55 as it leaves town then the car will inexplicably set the speed limit to 35 and slow down. NOA and FSD appears to use a combination of visual sign recognition combined with map data for speed limits, reportedly from openstreetmap.org and TomTom. When I looked on TomTom, the street is divided up into segments and each segment has its own data. Sure enough, the TomTom map for my road had the speed incorrect speed limit.

In your case, I suspect what’s happening is the system checks and sets it’s parameters as it enters each segment. It would be nice if it would only change the settings if the speed limit changed from the last segment.

PB has improved for me but not resolved - I still get random transient slowdowns, though. It doesn’t appear to be speed limit related, since it will resume the previous speed within a few seconds.


Well-Known Member
May 3, 2015
Snohomish, WA
I've experienced significant less PB with FSD Beta (2022.4.5.21) than previous versions while on divided freeways.

It still hasn't been reduced to less than 1 moderate PB every 1K miles, but it does seem significantly less than what it was.

To me the biggest issue they need to work on is getting maps/navigation fixed to improve NoA, and to significant improve using the correct speed. I also want to use different speed offsets depending on the type of road. There is way too much manual adjustment.

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