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265/35-19" for Front Tires on Model 3 AWD LR?

Does it help protect the rims from curb rash?

There are too many variables to give a simple yes or no answer. In general, if you look at the specifications of each tire on the manufacture website, it will provide a wheel width range for that particular tire. For example, a Michelin PS4S in 265/36/19 might have a wheel width range of 8.5" to 10". If your wheel is 8.5", the tire walls would be bulgier compare when mounted on the wheel. The same time mounted on a 10" wheel, the sidewall of the tire would be flatter. Bulgier would typically provide a more cushion to the curb before the wheel makes contact with the curb.
Sorry to thread bump, but is everyone running the PS4S? I used to run the MPSS MO spec on my M4, in 265/35/19, and loved it. Looks like the PS4S has a wider contact patch, but it is also just a generic tire. Also the star spec 265/35/19 is meant to be a rear tire as well.