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2nd Gen Charger


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Aug 19, 2015
Carlsbad, CA
I pick up my new S90D tomorrow (ordered 9/1). I placed my Tesla Shop order for a dual charger once my S90D order was confirmed (9/5) in hopes it would arrive and could be installed before I took delivery -- saving me a trip and a wait at my SC. Anyway, yesterday after I got back from the trip I was on for the past week, I received a call from my DS to both confirm my pick-up appointment and to tell me that the plant had shipped a "1st Generation Charger", but they unfortunately had to order a "2nd Generation Charger" that is compatible with my S90D which should arrive later this week. My DS offered to let me take delivery tomorrow or I could wait until the new part arrives and is installed. That was an easy answer, as it's not that big of a deal. My HPWC and 100-amp circuit just won't get a full workout for a few more days.

I know Tesla is constantly making changes to parts and dropping them into new builds... Some of those revisions or changes we may never know ever occurred or why it was done, but the more I've thought about this "1st/2nd Gen Charger" thing, it's got me wondering if perhaps there is something I should be happy about having the latest generation? It also appears to me this change is likely not just a minor revision like we used to do all the time in the computer biz I was a part of for 30+ years, but significant enough the SC does not want to (or can't) install an optional 1st Gen dual-charger with the 2nd Gen Charger my S90D came with from the factory.

I've searched this forum with multiple keywords in case this isn't new news, but have not found any hits. Does anyone have any idea what this "2nd Gen Charger" is, or perhaps can provide a pointer to another thread where this has already been discussed? In the heat of the moment late yesterday, I didn't think to ask my DS any more about this, but I either will tomorrow or more likely when I go back to have the dual-charger installed in the next few days. I'll then report back if it's new news of any significance.

I think the 2nd gen Chargers were introduced a while ago. I know what the charger in my car looks like because it was replaced shortly after I got my car. When I went on the factory tour earlier this year, the Chargers they were putting in the cars looked a lot smaller than mine. I think 2nd gen might just be a weight reduced / optimized version of gen 1.
Gen 2 chargers were introduced back in 2013 to address the high failure rate of the Gen 1s. I'm surprised your SvC still stocks Gen 1s as the Gen 2s are backwards compatible.

You're right. I looked at the repair invoice from Sept 2013 when I had my charger replaced and it says "Replace 1 2nd Generation Charger". I guess maybe they have made additional improvements on top of 2nd Gen because I know the ones in newer cars look different than mine.
Thanks guys. Appreciate the clarification. Would appear the factory simply made an error sending a Gen1 Charger to go with my new S90D, other than something new coming onto the scene.

<WildSpeculation>Maybe you are at the front of change and are getting 2 of the new larger spec'd chargers from the X! You're at the cutting edge of fast home charging! </WildSpeculation>
This is interesting to me, because I am about to order a second charger for my November delivery 85D. There was no mention of "first gen" or "second gen" or whatever chargers...

IMHO, you should not be concerned. When you place the order on the Tesla Shop, be sure you input your VIN as requested. Tesla should look up your vehicle and send the right dual charger to your SC for installation. It appears the factory made a bit of a mistake on mine, as there is no price difference or other choice we as consumers have to make. ;)