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2nd Thoughts On Color

Deep Blue Metallic or Red Multi-Coat?

  • Deep Blue Metallic

    Votes: 37 62.7%
  • Red Multi-Coat

    Votes: 22 37.3%

  • Total voters
I haven't ordered yet (waiting to see how the infrastructure bill goes... Not in any big rush) but I have my heart set on the Blue with white interior. I was originally leaning towards the red but after seeing both at the local SC, I preferred the blue and it "fit" me better. They are both great colors though and I don't think you could go wrong with either.


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Feb 2, 2021
I started with a plan for White/white, but now I expect to order Blue/white. I like the better visibility of white for safety at night and especially at dusk, but the blue is still nicer.

I wish Tesla had some kind of striking yellow, orange, cyan etc. But I'm not likely to spend thousands on a custom full wrap.

I will say - and I know this betrays my dated tastes - that I significantly prefer last year's chrome window trim over the blackout trim. And even more so, I much prefer silver or light-gray wheels over today's popular trend of black or very dark wheels. A black wheel always makes me think of junker cars I saw as a kid, ones that had plain black steel wheels and lost or stolen hubcaps. Often sitting in a weedy busted-asphalt parking lot, at a roadhouse or a filling station along an old two-lane highway.
I also have struggled with this. I first went with white but a couple of folks in my small town have white xs, one white Y, two black Ys so I somewhat wanted something different. I love blue as a color( my favorite) but the Tesla blue is a little dark. However in the right light, it looks amazing but too dark out of sunlight. Regardless, I got the blue with white interior. I still debate whether to go back to white. I don’t want to spend thousands either on a wrap. Red is not my thing would look out of place in my blue colored life. Either way, you will likely enjoy the car and still have regrets about color.
I am concerned that if I change color again it will continue to delay my order!
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Jul 21, 2020
I bought blue because when I started buying my own cars I've always bought blue cars. Not changing now! I'm too stubborn!

But there are quite a few blue Model Ys on the road - probably because it does look good, and it's the color they use in the ads.

That said, I see very few red Model Ys and they look amazing every time I see them. I think you should order red so there are fewer blues and my car becomes slightly less common :D

Also, curiously, black seems super rare. If you've got cash to splash you might consider getting black and then getting a custom paint job. Like forest green or something. Starting with black is good because it fills in the areas that a custom paint job won't get to. White would REALLY show, in a bad way.
I've been leaning toward white because it looks great, it's the cheapest, and will usually have slightly better resale.
The negatives are that it'll show rock chips much easier. And the vast majority of Teslas on the road are white. You see them everywhere.

Between blue and red, I'd lean toward red. Simply because it's a much more rare color and looks awesome. Assuming you don't mind the higher price for said color.
I have grown to love how the MY looks in white, particularly in the rear and rear quarters areas. It's just hugs those curves down toward the bumper very well, and the contrast with the dark plastic parts at the bottom of the rear bumper look great. However, there were two deal-breakers for me for white: keeping it clean, and by far, white is the most common color of M3 I see in my area, and there are sooo many M3s that it means I'm constantly seeing white Teslas. (I see a lot of white Model X and Y too, and a few S.)

I've never been a fan of black cars, from either a look or keeping it looking nice perspective, so that was never really on the table for me personally. No offense to any fans, I just find it hides too much of most cars' features, and with the Y, it blends in too much with the plastic trims along the bottom of the vehicle.

Red and Blue (the subjects of this thread!) are definitely striking. The best part of the red for me is that it seems to be the rarest Tesla color in the Vancouver BC area so far as I can tell, so you notice it when you see one. It does suit the car well, but neither my better half nor I are a big fan of red cars (again, no offense).

Blue does look gorgeous on the MY. It stands out very well due to the size and shape of the car, and looks way better on MY than on M3 in my opinion. The main thing that gives me pause is the way the dark glass in the back (and roof) combine with the blue--to me it looks slightly awkward. Blue was a tough one to say no to.

In the end, we ordered (and are waiting on) MSM. We are both fans of silver and grey cars generally (we probably would have gotten silver had it been an option), and grey is usually the best at hiding minor dirt and so on. That, and I also love the way the MY looks in it.

Based purely on looks, my preference is probably:
1) White
2) Blue & MSM tied
3) Red
4) Black

Based on "exclusivity" (which is very difficult with a popular model, sister-model, and only 5 colors to choose from), I would say:
1) Red
2) Blue
3) MSM
4) Black
5) White

Based on upkeep effort, I would say:
1) MSM
2) Blue/Red tied
3) White/Black tied

There's my lengthy $0.02 (Canadian pennies).
I bought blue because when I started buying my own cars I've always bought blue cars. Not changing now! I'm too stubborn!
Voted red, the MYs look stunning in red. Personally I came very close to buying MSM as my cars have always been some shade of black or gray. Opted for white at the last second based on my wife's recommendation. This allowed me to justify the 20" inductions which I absolutely love. I refer to my car as the "Stormtrooper" and my homelink as "Death Star".
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I went with black/black/black (induction). I don't regret it at all. I think it looks great in either color. Blue is probably my least favorite though. The more I see the white one, the more I like it, especially with black rims. Only issue I had with white is that everyone seems to have white cars. Look at a busy gas station or a mall parking lot, 60-70% of the cars will be white (for good reason, admittedly). I didn't want to be like everyone else (even though my combination is probably the 2nd most popular lol). The Midnight Silver is also growing on me. I like the red, but I don't think that it looks as good as on the Model S or 3.
I'm expecting to get tired of it at some point and if I have the cash available, I'll get it wrapped, probably some kind of matte grey color.

Anyway, long answer to say that you can't go wrong with either color, I voted red in this instance!
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