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3 New EV Transcontinental Records

Carl Reese, Deena Mastracci and Alex Roy

1. Fastest time from LA to NYC 57:49 (besting 58:55 earlier this year)
2. First Semi-Autonomous Vehicle from LA to NYC 57:49 (Autopilot 96.1% of the time)
3. DTC or Double Transcontinental LA to NYC to LA in an EV 6 Days 6 hours 22 Minutes Just Two Drivers for return leg NY to LA: Mastracci and Reese
Besting Dan Edmunds and Kurt Niebuhr time set in 2014 of 6 days 23 hours 4 Minutes.

Drone footage of the event
Deena, Carl, and Alex pulling in - Dayton, Ohio Supercharger - YouTube

One of many stories on line
3 people crossed US in Autopilot Tesla - Business Insider

Twitter EVRecordAttempt or P85Ddeena

Notaries at both ends, GPS Tracking and Press witnesses at both ends.
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