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Get the best available price on 3D MAXpider floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 from joecarstuff.com

I created Joe Car Stuff since adding car accessories has always been a passion of mine. The floor mats offered by 3D have been my favorite ever since they hit the market. 3D mats are regulated by a minimum advertised price among authorized retailers. Members of this forum can use the coupon code TMC at check out to purchase the mats $16 under minimum pricing!

Welcome to Joe Car Stuff
Use Coupon Code TMC at Checkout

Here's Why the 3D Mats are the best on the market:

Best Looking Mats
I was tired of having the floor of my car look like a truck or bus. Other popular custom floor liners have a utilitarian look to them. The embossed carbon fiber rubber top layer finally gives a good looking and durable floor mat!

Custom Designed For Each Vehicle
These waterproof mats have a three dimensional deep dish design to prevent spilling over the edges of the mats on onto your vehicle's carpet. You no longer have to worry about cleaning up a ring of salt or dirt around your floor mats. Simply hose off the mats when you wash your car and it looks like you freshly detailed the floor.

3 Layer Design
  • Kagu rubber top layer is long lasting and wear resistant. It has a carbon fiber like embossed appearance that is rich looking. Enjoy the best look available in floor protection.
  • Comfortable XPE cushioned middle layer. It is superior to the thermal formed plastic made popular by competitors like WeatherTech and Husky Liner floor mats. The XPE foam does not lose its shape and get the wavy edges over time like the thermal formed mats do. XPE is also sound deadening, making your car quieter, while also reducing foot fatigue.
  • MAXpider backing has small fibers which lock into the loom of the carpet to prevent the mats from sliding, which is a major problem with the all rubber design of competitor's car floor liners




Here's the direct link to the Model 3 Floor Liners on my site:
Welcome to Joe Car Stuff

Lastly, we do have a pre order option for the trunk and "frunk" cargo liners. You can use the same coupon code at checkout to get the best pricing. The first shipment is expected mid February and supplies are limited. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.

Welcome to Joe Car Stuff

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business! I look forward to continuing to support the forum as a vendor and helping to bring the best accessories on the market to you for your Tesla.

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I now have listings for separate front and rear cargo mats. Due to high shipping costs the single cargo mats don’t allow the coupon code and have a minimum shipping cost. The link to both cargo liners together has free shipping and allows the coupon code.
Hey man, I just preordered the frunk and trunk liners before reading your second post. I got the discount applied but no free shipping and there was no link for both products together. Are you able to modify my order / refund the shipping costs? Thank you!
Yes no problem. I just realized the cargo set combo fell off the site as an option. I have it on the site again without a picture. You can order both and I will manually refund as well. Thanks for all the support guys!

Hi Joe, Thanks for offering us here the discount. I looked at the site but I don't see anything about shipping times. Where are these shipped from and what is delivery time to the east coast (Miami)?
Did you get the cargo liners early? I got a shipment notification!

Yes we ended up getting our hands on 40 sets of early arrivals!

If you order now we have the cargo liners in stock for the Model 3 first! Here's a link to the combo set, if you buy the combo you can use coupon code TMC for an extra $16 off even though no one else is discounting these very limited mats!
TESLA Model 3 Full Cargo Mat Set Front and Rear
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I already have the front/rears and they are worth every penny I paid. I like them so much I bought a front set of mats for our 10 year old MDX to replace the crappy ones from Costco that I had been using.

I might be interested in the trunk & frunk mat, does anyone have photos of them installed yet?

Joe, you might want to give Maxpider some feedback that the bright 3D logo on these mats is nearly universally despised by auto enthusiasts even if we love the mats.