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3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats rear seatback installation?

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I bought a set of 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats for our 2022 Model Y 2 years ago and like them very much but I was never able to get the rear seatback pieces to fit properly so they have sat in my garage. So today I figured I'd try again as I was cleaning the interior and I still can't figure out how to install them, I figured by now there would be a YouTube video but a search was negative.

Can someone explain how to install the rear seatback sections? The issue is I can get the lower end tucked into the gap by the floor but when I raise the seat backs UP the lower sections pulls away and BOW out from the seat back and looks like crap. I appreciate any help you can provide.
Hey there, I hear you're having a tough time with the rear seatback sections of your 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats. It can be tricky getting those to fit just right. If you're looking for an alternative that might offer a bit more ease of installation, you could take a peek at the TESERY "Tesla Model 3 floor mats." They're designed to fit snugly and could save you some hassle.