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Service Available 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

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3M, where innovation meets passion. Preserve the flawless allure of your Tesla with 3M Paint Protection Film, ensuring it remains pristine against scratches and chips. Enjoy clarity on every drive with 3M Auto Window Film, blocking glare and UV rays while enhancing privacy. Personalize your Tesla with 3M Vehicle Wrap Film, turning heads with custom designs and colors. And protect its showroom shine with 3M Ceramic Coating, creating a lasting barrier against the elements. Trust 3M to safeguard and enhance your Tesla, because when it comes to perfection, we're just getting started.

3M is proudly the official film sponsor of the Tesla Motor Club.

Visit 3M.com/PersonalAuto to learn more and find an installer near you. The official page of 3M Company.

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