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3rd Party Apps?

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New here and close to pulling the trigger on my Model S. Wondering what happened to 3rd party apps for the tesla, especially something like waze? Is this dead in the water? I remember Elon talking about it, but it seems like nothing has happened on this front.

I meant 3rd party apps on the Tesla, not on an iPhone.
@jerry33 said it well.

Creating an industrial strength API especially in today's world of security crises is a major task. Few positive headlines short term and much increased risk. Think of the legal issues fighting over whether a third party app contributed to an accident and how much.

Much as I'd love to see the innovation released by an API, I'd be surprised if we see one before Model 3.
@jerry33 said it well.

Creating an industrial strength API...is a major task/....QUOTE]
certainly true. However, in the specific case of Waze, that is avGoogke product and Googke is the Tesla mapping supplier, so that should not be such a gigantic hassle, with, at least LTE cars having enough data speed to deal with the Waze interactive reporting features and fast updates. For true third party apps in general I suspect they'll be quite limited even after the Model III