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4/15 invites

I just received my invite email - on a Sunday! I had checked the website several times yesterday, so it definitely happened today.

Non-owner in the Seattle area, reserved 3/31 online as soon as the reservation system went up.

Thinking about holding off for AWD, but debating the value of doing so given that the Washington tax credit will likely be gone soon (not to mention the Federal credit).
I am a MS owner sigened up in February and configured on 4/2. Vin popped up on 4/9
Received call on Friday to pick up M3 on 4/28, M3 already in transit
I am in Virginia, hear they are trying to get a lot of cars to east coast
I'm in New Mexico and got my e-mail today. If I had gone for all the currently available options I would have gotten the car in 4 to 6 weeks.

I checked my e-mail because of this thread. So thanks!

Day 1 - phone order reservation within 10 minutes or less of the phone lines opening - as my signature line says, I estimated that I was about 100K on the list.

Current plan is for base level everything except Red color.
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Also Seattle area non-owner. Ordered after reveal about 9:40pm.

Got the email on Sunday 3pm ish.

I didnt know there's a $2.5k WA credit!

The tesla page says it's only for cars below $42k, but their like to wa dol says Model3 is OK. Do they mean $42k base price before upgrades

Vehicle Incentives
Yes, the car price restriction applies only to the base price. Model 3 qualifies regardless of how optioned it is.

Also, I believe the exemption can save you as much as $3200 depending on where you live in WA. Local sales tax rates vary.
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