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44.30.5 Standard Morning Run Experience

2018 Model LR, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta 2021.44.30.5, 104.7K miles

I did the standard morning run to drop the wife off at work. Making turns from stop signs out of neighborhood still takes way too long, too much jerking of steering wheel, etc. no cars where on the road. You either disengage it or you step on accelerator. Still has the phantom slowing along the morning rte. It did make the left off the main back road better, didn’t go as far over before attempting it. On the way back it started braking for the stop sign on left side of road again. The previous release it didn’t slow or brake for the stop sign on left. With previous releases sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't, even in the same release it was a guessing game.

Here’s where it had problems, the corner it normally made is a T intersection, no traffic. Farm field front and right side, no obstruction, clear sight to left. Still inches and jerks, counted to 10, but when it finally did go, it cut it to close and went into the pothole off the shoulder in the dirt, it never did that before.

Now this is a new really bad behavior...Turning right into the development off the main road, carrying a speed of 40 mph, its a 35mph road, it attempts the turn into the development, which is 25 mph and everyone goes 15 -20mph (which is also a school bus stop for the development). Goes wide to other side heading toward the curb, (no dividing line in road, just a wide road it then hits brakes and comes to a complete stop in the middle of the road in the development. No I didn’t have any children in the car that needed to get out for the bus stop. Previously it would slow appropriately, stay close to curb and make the turn. I'll try manually dialing speed down and see what happens.

This was this mornings experience with 40.30.5 on my standard rte that I measure against. Obviously other things at a much higher level may have been addressed in this release, but none that I experience on this rte. I hope others are having better experiences. Keep testing and stay vigilant and safe. Looking forward to the next release and improvements to my rte.

On previous release I did see the emergency vehicle notification and action on a highway. Spotted the police vehicle with lights on at least 3/4 to a mile down the road, slowed and put the message on screen. Really cool, only 1 problem, it was a side road at a gas station on a hill, he had a car pulled over in the station. Obviously because there was a bend in the highway and it was up on a hill the system couldn't know exactly where the police vehicle was until we rounded the curve.
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Just downloaded this morning but honestly, even though I've had Beta since early in the trial, the phantom braking, random lane changes, flashing of brights and rapid windshield wiping for no reason keeps me from rarely using it. Pretty sure I haven't used it on city streets at all for a month or so. :/
I took 44.30.5 out for my normal test drive yesterday once it installed. It had some:

* improved behaviors:
* got a tight round-about-correct this time.
* our side streets are tight. sometimes big vehicles (pickup trucks) will park across from each other and too far from the curb. Sometimes facing the wrong direction too. It didn't seem to like having to swerve around them only to immediately see a vehicle facing it, which it shouldn't, on the right. Yesterday's drive it had no problems navigating these.
* it did better navigating Kroger's parking lot.
* worse behaviors:
* did not get a left-turn into my development which it has to inch into. It had been inching into it and then taking the left nice & smooth. In fact I don't think it ever had a problem with this intersection. Not yesterday. After inching way too far into the intersection to be comfortable, it started acting like it was going to straight, which is not a road but a sidewalk, building and pool.
* continued failure
* There's a left hand turn which it misses, often completely. It could be in the middle lane (of 3) and will switch over to the right lane. And then come up on the intersection and "Oh I need to get into the left hand turn lane". 2 of 3 attempts doing this route have ended up with me in the right hand lane just going straight through. The 3rd handled it correctly.

"It's beta for a reason".
In fairness, I am measuring the experience of each update against the same drive so I can see what actually changed on the drive after an update. It’s a rather boring run on back roads with light to minimal traffic and one traffic light. It doesn’t have all the other challenges with roundabouts, merging traffic, high speed roads, etc etc.

The things I have seen that are really good but I haven’t been able to measure against because I don’t make the run everyday. I mentioned the emergency vehicle identification when on the highway the other day. Amazed how far away I was and it picked it up, only reason I noticed it had was the car started slowing down on the highway and I then saw the msg on the screen.

I made a run to the grocery store and used the accelerator at the intersections and it made it there without intervention (minus the pressing of pedal at the intersection). Again really good. The car took it’s turn at the 4 way flashing red light and proceeded without issue. At a major intersection that had a green arrow for right turn, it handled it perfect. The grocery store was two lights up the road in a shopping center on the left. The car stayed in the right lane through the first traffic light and I didn’t think it would get over all the way to the left turn lane in time. After the first light it signaled and changed into the left lane then signaled again and moved into the left turning lane. When light turned green it proceeded through, up to the right turn and made that one too. The next intersection I had to intervene, it was a left and our lane had the right of way at the T intersection, but the system wasn’t sure, it started doing the herky jerky so I intervened. On the way back home a UPS truck making a delivery on a yellow lined 35mph road and was halfway into my lane. The cars in front went around it and the Tesla put the signal on, continued into the opposing lane and went around it perfectly.

Interestingly when I go to the same grocery store but approaching it from the North, it shows the destination on the main road way past the grocery store traffic light you turn in for the shopping center it is in. No rte to it from the main road, just ends on the highway/main road past the traffic light you would turn right at. When I come from the south it shows the left turn at the same traffic light off the exact same road, followed by the right turn and the left turn and the next right turn, which puts you in the parking lot of the grocery store. I guess it is a mapping issue and not a Tesla system issue.

So in fairness it does do some really nice driving. Stop signs and traffic lights it handles well, speed adjustments up and down works well. It seemed to slow faster than previous release when speed limit dropped. I’ll need to pay closer attention on next run. Maintaining lane still is fine except if it gets a glitch, which is very infrequent. No more hard braking when a car crosses or enters the lane. I enjoy doing the beta and I know at some point my morning run will be totally event free and extremely boring. The calendar sync works fairly well with the location loaded in the calendar on your iphone. Get in the car and the rte is already displayed, there are times it just never synced, so you type it in or verbally do it. We are freaking spoiled with these cars. Charged and pre conditioned every morning and ready to go. Who needs a chauffeur. Be safe and keep testing. Go Tesla!


Jul 15, 2018
Thanks for your report. It's interesting to see how it changes with each update. I have a number of turns/routes that I do regularly enough as well, but I also try to keep in mind NN are harder to A/B test, meaning what it gets right many times, it may suddenly get very wrong, or vice versa (kind of how I think about false positives/negatives COVID testing depending on the type of test). I'll test 44.30.5 this evening after a mobile ranger swaps out my 12V batt. Apparently, among the list of functions that stop working when the 12V batt warnings start flashing, is the ability to install software updates. I tried from the app when notified that it was ready to install, but it fails. Still, pretty neat that you get a warning (2-3 weeks according to SC rep) before the 12V batt will actually fail and leave you stranded.

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