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48H ONLY - 2013 P85 RWD 208k miles $23k OBO *NEEDS HV BATTERY REPLACEMENT*

208k miles. **Currently inoperable, as it needs HV battery replacement.**

FREE SUPERCHARGING. This car is grandfathered in for life with free supercharging, which transfers ownership. This is a big +1. I think its also free connectivity for life, though it does need the LTE upgrade.

Both summer and winter wheel/tire set included. I have the 19" TSportline TST Grey Turbines with continentals for summer, and Michelin XIce3 on the oem wheels for winter. Also have the roof rack, which I have never used (took a photo of them on once, but that was it.)

2013 Tesla Model S P85
All Glass Panoramic Roof
19" Wheels
Tan Nappa Leather/Alcantara with Grey Piping
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Obeche Wood Gloss Décor
Tech Package
Sound Studio Package
Active Air Suspension
Parcel Shelf
Twin Chargers (charges up to 80A on HPWC)
Mobile Charger + adapters (I think I have almost every adapter they made for it, like 4 or 5 of them)
Fog lights
Premium Lighting

19" Michelin XIce3
oem wheels

19" Continental PureContact LS
19" Tsportline TST Grey Turbines

Model S Roof rack - never used
All-Weather Interior Liners
All-Weather rear cargo liner set

35% 3M Crystalline tint on all side windows
20% Madico Charcoal on rear

I am the original owner. Never smoked in (I don't smoke). I've had this car since February 2013. It is a very early model car, with vin number ending 05837. As an early owner, the car had the typical warranty repairs for various components, like replacing the motor several times for the milling noise, and fixes for loud ac.

The MCU was replaced once, due to the emmc issue, and it was replaced with the same model so it still qualifies for another repair to replace that due to a recall.

It also still has the 3G , so needs LTE upgrade.

The front brakes I had replaced not too long ago. The rear brakes are still the original! They are due for replacement.

I have driven all 208k miles myself on the original battery pack. Since the pandemic started, I haven't driven it much since March 2020. However I always kept it charged in the garage since then. It has also always been garaged when parked at home for all 9 years. About a few weeks ago, I started to get 12V battery warnings, and then the pack stopped charging. I had it towed to a Service Center a few days ago who said it needs the high voltage battery pack replacement. I was quoted $12k. It was still charging to 220-230miles range on 100% charge before the battery pack died. Not sure what it would be after the pack is repaired.

Car history - I have had 2 deer hits, but very minor! slammed brakes both times but still just not quite enough and clipped deer, once on each front side. Both repaired under insurance, which required front bumper and front fender, and once the hood and headlight, at Peotters in NJ which is a very reputable repair shop. COSMETIC only. Both times there were barely dents in the car (I have pictures). No frame or structural issues. It was quite literally a small ping dent in the front hood and fender and cracked headlight. Had it been another foot or two farther each time I probably wouldn't have hit the deer at all.

Aside from that, I've tried to keep it in good condition. But it is 9 years old at this point, with 208k miles. With a new battery pack and a detail, and some new rear brakes, I don't see why this wouldn't be in very good condition otherwise.

I looking to see if anyone wants to buy it in it's current condition (so needs HV battery pack replacement in order to drive).

The photos are a bit older, except for the one where I deleted the people in the car, that was from August 2019 right before the pandemic and the most current photo I have (car is currently at the Tesla shop now an hour away). It hasn't been driven much since that photo since the pandemic started a few months later and I've been WFH since. It still cleans up very nice when it is detailed. I did try to keep it in decent cosmetic condition as best I could.

I will probably wait for 48H or so , and if there is no interest I'll probably just have the car repaired and keep it myself. I kind of want to sell it though, because I just don't foresee myself driving it much still due to the pandemic and me WFH all the time now.





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Beautiful car, and sounds like a good deal to me. I've got a 2013 S as well, VIN 4408, but not a P like yours and not nearly in as nice a condition as yours. They are great driving cars, and somebody could probably get this repaired at Electrified Garage in MA or get a cheaper battery swap at 057 in NC and have a killer vehicle for under 30k. Good luck with the sale!
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Ship it to us, we'll replace/repair the pack (generally 5-6k unless something crazy), and you can sell it straight from our shop for ~30k+ working and pay for the pack replacement upon sale before it leaves (assuming nothing crazy wrong with the original pack, not missing or physical damage, etc).

Or, someone buy it from him and we'll do the repair/replacement. 🙂
Sale completed. This process was much less of a pain than i had anticipated.

We did place a reservation for a Model Y, and will sell our 2013 Ford Flex after than comes in. I will be happy when i don't have to pay gas for that one anymore. That thing cost me $85 to fill up the other day. Don't need to have 2 cars right now anyway. I will miss the free supercharging on the P85 though. When we do need to return to a 2 car household at some point, I do have my eyes on a Rivian R1S or perhaps that 500 mile lucid. Spreading the love I guess, but i'll be monitoring those forums for a while (im a little concerned with a lot of the various issues and breakdowns being reported with rivian that I see on their owners forum club.) Growing pains i hope.

I did contemplate the newer S for that 400 mile range but can't justify the extra $40k over the Y or even the 3 for an extra 40-60 miles.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the interest. Ill probably be more active in the Y channel for the next few years :)
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