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5lb 8oz rotors

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Al & Ti

I know, they'll never work and I'm going to die in a fiery wreck....

The discs are thinner than stock so ideally you need thicker pads, can’t remember the number. Took a while to bed in. Had them off while I was playing with my wheels. Have to check at some point to see if they were effected when they got charred. I’m pretty sure they survived other than cosmetic damage
What happened, I had a ‘high tech garage of the future’ incident. I wish I was low tech. Seriously the squirrels chewed through a lighting cable, the 120 year old barn/garage went up like a tinder box. The Chrysler ESS was uneffected but they would not let me keep the cells. Most of the rear of the garage had my ICE engine components so no real harm. The front received more water damage post fire. A few tires got crispy, the diss were on a towel to stop them getting dusty, as you can see, most of the towel survived. The race car, lathe and race tires didn’t do so well.
For what it’s worth, the Cayenne fired straight up and drove out. It was destroyed cosmetically, but other than parking sensors, it drove fine.