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6-Disconnect Meter/Main - Upgrade before Solar?

I have a 200A meter/main that uses the 6 disconnect rule, and I am contemplating converting it to a 200A main, and moving the distribution to a new panel downstream before adding additional solar and powerwalls. My meter/main existing solar knife switch are both outside, and the new panel would be inside on the opposite side of the wall. I know there are cheaper ways of addressing it, but with some changes to the house we have planned it seems like it makes the most sense this way. (I have two 100A sub-panels, 40A PV breaker, and (3) 20A breakers for mini-split AC units.)

I think I would like the new panel to have a 400A bus, 200A main, (2) 40A breakers for PV, (3) 20A breakers for the PowerWalls, plus all the load breakers. (We will be adding another 50A breaker for an extra EV charger and one for a hot tub.)

Does it make sense to have this work done before Tesla does the PV and PW install/permitting, or would I be able to get them to do what I want? Would I stand a better chance of getting Tesla to do it if I had the panelboard on-hand?

No, don't do it ahead. If you're getting Powerwalls, have them design everything so it can be done correctly from the start. You've already messed up some of the details. Powerwalls use 30A breakers. Since you have multiple sub panels you will probably need a generation panel and a load panel inside the Gateway. Designing these systems correctly for any given jurisdiction is not a simple thing.
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