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60kWh Usable Energy

Discussion in 'Model S: Battery & Charging' started by emir-t, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. emir-t

    emir-t Member

    Oct 28, 2013
    Hey everyone;

    Whilst calculating how much I can drive on a single charge I am used to taking note of how much usable energy I have vs. what consumption I'm averaging. For example with my Corolla convert Turkish EV I have 36kWh available to use. I usually average 155Wh/km(250Wh/mi) so 36000/155 = 232km(144mi)

    So in the case of Tesla we know that the most abundant pack out there, the 85kWh pack has 75kWh available energy. So a Model S in summer can easily achieve 190Wh/km(305Wh/mi) which means 75000/190 = 394km on a single charge.

    We don't have measurements done with 90, 70 or 75 pack AFAIK but there usually is a buffer at the top. Some people estimate that the 6% increase from 85-90 equals 80kWh usable energy with the 90 pack.

    However, since 60 is just a limited 75, is it possilbe they've made the whole 60kWh available to use? If so I can easily achive 300km on a single charge just by averaging a modest 200Wh/km (320Wh/mi). Or is it better to think 60 will have its buffer too and will more or less have 57kWh available to use?

    I hope someone who takes delivery soon can measure it. Björn measures it via charging the pack to 100% (absolute 100%, wait till charge completes, includes balancing of the cells and all) Then start driving all the way down to 0km rated. Not past 0 but 0.

    At that point check the energy used since last full charge. If 60 really is 60kWh available to use and is somehow more efficient than a 90D hence making it possible to average 180Wh/km (290Wh/mi) it is good value for money.

    What does TMC think?

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