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70D coming - in time for Christmas I hope!

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Well, we did it! We made a couple of tweaks this week, but tomorrow our order will be final... 70D, Midnight Silver, pano roof, standard wheels, black next gen seats, premium interior with black headliner, matte obeche, autopilot (duh!), cold weather package and the (overpriced but gorgeous sounding) upgraded audio. Other than the air suspension we were "in for a penny, in for a pound" but I just could not bring myself to do the 85/P85. I have enough of a lead foot, and the 70D felt sufficiently dangerous in terms of speeding tickets. The autopilot demo was amazing -- I don't have a terribly long commute but regular trips to see clients in the hinterlands already seem much more bearable.

My husband and I have driven the same 2006 A3 for 10 years, but having moved to Chicago from the West Coast I was beginning to have visions of breaking down somewhere in the depths of winter and really wanted something with AWD (the '06 A3 is the only non AWD Audi in ages). At some point this year it went from "always dependable" to "take me in for a grand of repairs," so we'll be bidding her a fond farewell soon. She never had a single squeak or rattle, which along with the go-kart ride was my favorite feature -- a little nervous of the reports of lots of body and interior noise in the MS but time will tell.

Overall, I just wanted to thank those of you who have shared so much knowledge and opinion on here -- it was really helpful as we considered this move and made all the decisions along the way. I'm getting a sense that Tesla is as much a community and a lifestyle choice as a means of transportation. Many more updates to come, and I'm many more questions that will be answered by those of you who already have lots of miles -- thanks ahead!
The price of the car will long be forgotten after
1 week of ownership!
everyday is still exiting to get in my spaceship and glide all over Central Florida
And soon interstate travel !
We are discovering All of Florida's Back roads, because of this car.
It is no longer about the destination, it is how you get there.