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70D, let me tell you how it feels to drive.

I’ve had my 70D for a week and I’ve got some feedback for folks who might worry that they’re not getting a high performer. I had my doubts when the car was announced, even as I downgraded my reservation from an 85D. I’m not a guy who needs the fastest car possible and I’m not a guy who will readily try to drag race everything off the lights or hoon around A-roads at ludicrous speeds. However, I have owned my fair share of performance cars and I was worried that I’d feel that the 70D was a performance downgrade.

Well, for folks who may be having similar doubts I can possibly put their minds at rest. Below 70mph the 70D feels much stronger than the ’09 350Z (313BHP) that I just traded in and also feels faster than the 340bhp 4.2 litre V8 Audio S4 I had before the Z. What’s more the power of the 70D feels much more immediate and urgent than either of these two cars to the extent that the Tesla would easily pull the pants down on both cars off the line. The immediacy of the power delivery actually makes the Tesla more enjoyable to drive than either of the others. As an additional anecdote, I gave a test drive to a friend at work who collects TVR’s. This guy has a Tuscon and a Chimaera that I know of and he was thoroughly impressed by the 70D’s acceleration. He didn’t think it was any slower than his cars at all, albeit I didn’t take him above 60mph.

For everyday roads, especially the narrow ones of the UK, this car feels incredibly fast. Not just for a car of its size, but in general. Stamping it at 60 mph turns on a solid and strong surge that easily plugs gaps on the motorways leaving you on the high side of 80 mph in seconds with zero faff or effort. Stamping it at 80 mph is less impressive, but let’s be honest, no one needs high performance above 80 mph. If you need to wave your willy at other high performance cars than I’m sure you’ll disagree, but most people don’t want to go much faster than 80 mph and the 70D is going to get you there quicker than nearly anything you’ll meet on the roads on a typical day in the UK.

On the flip side I can also compare the 70D very favourably to my old ’08 Audi A8 in turns of smoothness and comfort. The A8 is almost the same size but the Tesla is smoother, quieter, with more driver assistance toys, more luggage space, better stereo, better looking, more comfortable seats (standard, not next gen), more chilled to drive at slow and cruising speeds plus cheaper to insure than all of the cars I’ve mentioned in this post.

What makes me laugh though is the fact that the Tesla is going to get better and better over time. This car is just fantastic at everything I’ve tried so far. I’m completely smitten!
That's exactly what I told people. They think the 70D is not performance oriented because that's the entry model. But in reality it's more like an Audi S4 (okay.. even more powerful) which is far from a normal sedan.

I personally think the 70D is underrated and that's the best Tesla price / money for most people.
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My 60 feels faster than my last car which was a 6.0l pushrod V8 Pontiac G8 (Holden Commodore/Vauxhaul VXR). Acceleration sensation is all about torque delivery. Reciprocating piston engines can't match electric motors in that respect.

I was going to get the 85D also, but then the 70D was announced. Test drive it thinking I wouldn't be impressed (that I'd regret not getting the 85D), 3 months and almost 8k miles later and no regrets.
I take delivery of my S70D on Tuesday, and I'm anxious to see how it compares, especially since I never test drove a 70D. :scared: I have owned a lot of fast cars too, but I'm especially interested in seeing how it feels compared to my 1991 Stealth TT, since they have similar HP and are both AWD. The Stealth wasn't the fastest car I've owned, and had less HP, but it felt much more stable and road worthy, if you know what I mean.
So great to hear - I'm picking up my new 70D a week from Thursday and i had a tiny bit of buyers remorse for not getting an 85 or 90d- I realized that the times i need the tiny bit extra range will be few and far between and even though the 70d is the slowest of the Teslas, it still edges out my Audi TT I've traded in the 0-60 speed. I'm thinking it will likely meet my speed needs. :)
As a 70D owner it feels faster than any other car I've owned.

I've had an Audi TT (with DSG)
I've had an Audi S4 (Manual)
I've had a Range Rover Sport Supercharged
I've had a Porsche Cayman S

It's faster than those cars in real traffic conditions unless someone wants to be a complete tool. I got the 70D because I don't think the Model S is about performance the way I see performance. I also don't really see the quality of the Model S matching that of a $100K sedan.

Of course I wasn't looking for a $100K Sedan either so the Model S was never going to fit exactly what I wanted.

Instead it was the car I was most excited about so I got it

and I'm still excited.

If it fit more exactly into what I wanted I probably would have gone for the 85D/90D. More power/range without getting ludicrous.
I'm especially interested in seeing how it feels compared to my 1991 Stealth TT, since they have similar HP and are both AWD. The Stealth wasn't the fastest car I've owned, and had less HP, but it felt much more stable and road worthy

OH yeah, that brings back memories:
Dodge Stealth RT Turbo

I spent a good amount of time in a 1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo, it had exceptional road holding for it's time, and once the turbo's spooled, it had excellent power, and wow did it go on the highway! On the limit though, it washed away (under-steer), and I experienced that on a few harrowing occasions.

In comparison, the low end power of the Stealth TT wasn't anywhere near as strong as our Tesla Model S 85 (RWD), and the Tesla has exceptional road holding, even with the RWD model.

Let us know how you feel when you get your Tesla! :)
Martin, no evaluations at all really. My 350z was quite tail happy with power on in corners but I've not pushed the tesla in the same way. This last week I've commuted in the rain a few times but it's not been wet during any of my 'exploratory driving sessions'. I can say that under hard straight line acceleration on damp roads there's no hint of traction or stability problems. I'd expect the car to behave exactly the same as the 85D or P85D since AFAIK there aren't any suspension differences between the model S's (apart from the old P85+)
I agree fully. I decided I would start test driving with the 70D and move up, fully expecting to be "meh" about it after driving my 450HP Subaru to the test drive. After driving the 70D I realized it felt much stronger and was more satisfying to drive, even if on paper it was slower. No regrets at all with the 70D.