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761HP Audi RS-7 vs P100D

One quick Audi. But for sure I have moved away from the ICE world...did I just say that???

What is the point of the Audi? Loud, race fuel, possibly warranty issues. If you want to drag race you can build a quicker car for $50K. If you want to go to the track - $50K will beat the Audi. That is assuming the Audi (or built racecar) passes the track noise limit.

fiksegts - you are truly a car guy. I love your posts, especially the ones that make a $150K model X look like a bargain.
Really.... LOL. You have any idea what kind of power you need to make a daily gas reliable driver run consistent 10s. Not going to happen. Teslas already in uncharted territory with the P100D. They should be concentrating on fixing misalignment of panels and door handles that actually function.

That Audi may run 10s but there are so many factors at play. Tuning being one of them hours and hours on the dyno. Drive shafts, gears, transmission. All not engineered to handle that much power. One good foot brake launch and by by drive terrain IMO. This individual will spend the next 3 years replacing parts. I know I have been there before. That' Why I purchased a P100D
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