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80% charge went down in range mileage

Discussion in 'Model S: Battery & Charging' started by whitebred510, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. whitebred510

    whitebred510 Member

    Sep 18, 2015
    Mountain House, CA
    Hi everyone -

    New to the forum and new owner of a Tesla model S.
    I have roughly 3,000 miles on my 70D and I noticed my 80% went from 215 to 214 - I know it's not a huge drop but I've only had it for a little over a month and I was just seeing if anyone had the same issue.
  2. Lerxt

    Lerxt Member

    Feb 21, 2014
    Hong Kong/Australia
    This is quite normal, as a matter of fact, you will see your range drop about 3-4% in the first year of ownership. After that the drop seems to be much less. Do a search on this, there are a few large threads on this subject.
  3. FlasherZ

    FlasherZ Sig Model S + Sig Model X + Model 3 Resv

    Jun 21, 2012
    In addition, you'll find that the car continually adjusts / calibrates. The number of rated miles it displays isn't precise, because it's based upon voltage levels in the battery pack. My car showed 264 miles maximum on a 100% charge the other day until my wife drove it on a trip; she took it down to 25 miles, then charged back to 100% at the supercharger and it showed 265.

    So you'll see max mileage occasionally fluctuate a couple of miles or so.

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