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85D without restrictions

What would the performance of the 85D/90D be without SW restrictions? Will there be any 3rd party offering this upgrade within 2 years? I think when the car is 3 years old many people will be willing to buy that even if they lose warranty. Because in that time there will be possible to change the battery to an affordable price I think.
In my opinion it will NOT happen as the software and motor controllers are proprietary. I think it unlikely someone could reverse engineer the system and successfully develop new software. Also there is a massive liability issue if the modified software did not work perfectly.
I think once the installed base of Model S is of sufficient size then Tesla will begin to "mine" that installed base with various offerings.... such as performance add ons of various kinds (both software and hardware). Volvo did this with my XC60, offering a new chip for the ECM that provided 25 more HP for about $1,500 bucks.

As a first step in that direction, the LUDICRIS upgrade for current P85D owners was announced. For $5K + Labor Tesla will upgrade your contactors and fuse giving your battery pack 1500 AMP output for 2.8 second 0-60 times. There is not much detail on this particular program yet. No labor costs are defined and it is still unclear if the battery pack itself will be upgraded from 85 kWh to 90 kWh. More details will flush out over the coming weeks. BTW, the parts to do the upgrade are NOT at the SC's yet nor have any of the front line techs been trained on the upgrade from what I have been told. That will happen soon.