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88xxx Driver's seat doesn't slide back

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2021 MYLR VIN 88,XXX, Rd/Wh, 12/20 delivery
Supporting Member
Oct 28, 2020
Fort Worth
88xxx, The driver's seat doesn't slide back all the way. None of our 3 drivers need the full range, but I'd like to have it working. Scheduled for a service visit Wed. 3/10

Thoughts? I've tried every workaround, disabling all 3 driver's memory settings, resetting them, no change. It actually feels like there's a blockage on the right side rail that is stopping it, but I don't see anything.

SC tech checked everything out. The seat is working as designed.

Operator (me!) error: I have the driver's seat sitting up a bit, and forward. When I attempt to slide BACK from this raised position, it stops about 2 inches short of sliding all the way back. It will NOT go all the way back when it's in an elevated position. I have to LOWER it first, and then it will go all the way back.

Hard to explain without seeing it. If I were to draw the actual range of the seat, looking at the left side of the seat from outside the car, it's actually in the shape of a lower case "h", lying on the long part, with the legs of the "h" pointing to the front of the car.

I hope this makes sense. Pleasant experience with a young tech at the Fort Worth, TX service center.