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9 Days in Service - Some Good News

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I was really interested in your prior video comparing the ride quality with liquids and I'm happy Tesla addressed the issue.

However, I'm not sure why you bought a second Tesla if you become so upset over software issues. The service center doesn't have coders in the service bay to crank out a new patch just for you - they are going to file a bug report and you must wait like all Software As A Service products. You might as well relax over this or just sell your car now.
I don't know when I started watching the video I imagined all sorts of nasty problems like failed drive unit, broken screen etc.

It seems very minor overall. The suspension was more of a design thing. I don't think anything was defective. All new cars will come with the new suspension so we should be good.
I'm surprised you compared the Model 3 handling to the Leaf. The Leaf is a slush bucket and an absolute pig in the corners. It makes for a smooth driving experience when going in a straight line over rough road but that's about it for positives. I know because I have owned and driven one for the last 5 years. My personal preference is for tight responsive sporty handling. To each his own I guess :)
I kinda feel like I paid to be a beta tester
I expect that feeling from anytime a first series of a new car comes out. But even moreso for the TM3 which has a crowdfunded feel to it. FWIW we received new coils and bushes for the suspension of one of our Civics (the 1984 IIRC, but could have been the 1989) in a recall for a similar ride update.

Thank you (and others whose issues result in updates) for your perseverence.