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90 degree turn at higher speed makes MCU reboot

Model X 75D (late 2017) with MCU2+FSD upgrade

I noticed a pattern when the MCU goes black during driving.. today I got it two times.. and both at similar street situation. A 90 degree turn, at higher speed (maybe 30-35) and accelerating going out of the turn. Going out of the turn, the MCU+Driver-screeen goes black and restarts while driving and recovers fully.

Anybody else seen something like that?

Today, wasn't that lucky.. the MCU decided to no longer boot up (well.. I think it tried a few times - looked like a crash-loop - AC came on for a bit and went away.. and so on.. until it gave up). The usual soft/hard reset did not make a difference. Car did came back (both screens on) after a longer period of time (maybe 30-45min) without me doing anything - but wasn't drivable. Car is now on the way to service center on a throw truck. Let's see what they say tomorrow.