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A few delivery questions

Hi all,

I tried to order an inventory model X to be delivered at the end of Q1, but it went a little sideways and didn't get here on time so I'm taking delivery in the next few weeks. Turns out things got worse and there was some damage that they are now fixing. (OA is going to comp me for the .5% interest rate raise)

I guess my question is this, I used my friend's referral code but I think that the 500 dollar bonus would expire at the end of the month. Anyone have luck accepting a delivery and then going in for service to "fix" something that might have gone wrong?

either way, Joining the 100D X family. I really wanted a P model (even found some massively discounted ones at the end of quarter) but it didn't work out with the colors the wife wanted. oh well.

Also - how soon can I start using my owner referral code because my first one gets someone the 500 dollar hookup for a short time!
AFAIK if you take delivery after the referral period ends, you still get the indicated bonus during the time you placed the order during that referral period. Referral prizes are determined when you make the order/referral not when the car is delivered.