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A hole here?


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Aug 10, 2014
Mountain West
I am really trying to figure this one out. Seems like a great trap for dirt, water, salt, and of course mud.

Any thoughts from the field of TMC experts might help me understand why a hole is in the wheel well at this location.

It appears that the lower edge of the fender is bolted to the rocker panel at this point and the hole is to allow clearance for the flange without rubbing on the wheel well liner. If I was concerned about it, I would cut a little square of heavy rubber tape (like the "as seen on TV" Flexseal) and cover the hole. It wouldn't interfere with anything or plug any drain holes. It would match the fender liner color and could be removed/replaced when needed.
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Pretty sure even my ICE Toyota has holes there. I always assumed they were for mechanics to reach inside with long nose screwdrivers or such and loosen/tighten screws or make adjustments. Never explored what's beyond inside though.
Don't have my M3 yet, but checked on MS and no holes found. But did find a rubber cover plug pushed-in leaving a hole, so I reseated that plug for a perfect seal.
On the other front wheel well, I found that the front lower portion of the liner was not latched-in and out about 3/8", so with moderate pressure via my hand, it latched up for a perfect fit.
Who would have thought that the 149,xxx serial number MS would not have been inspected to that level of detail.