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A list of delivery and order logistics questions

Hi, I've read many posts here and elsewhere about the questions I have, but the information varies a lot and I have not been able to determine the actual. I therefore pose these questions here. Please answer what you can. It will be much appreciated!

With currently a MYLR+FSD, the only option to change the order I see is to remove FSD. Going down the menu path, the page reads "you will no longer able to make any other changes".

1) What if I wanted to change the wheels to Induction? If it's a matter of a call to Tesla, how might that affect delivery date?
2) What if I wanted to change to MYP? Again, if it's a matter of a call to Tesla, how might this affect the delivery date? (I read is it like placing a new order. True?)

2) At what point can I [potentially] delay the delivery? At point of VIN assignment or when a delivery date is given?
3) How much time before the assigned delivery date can I delay the delivery?
4) How many days can I ask for a delay before the assigned vehicle is disassociated and given to someone else? (i read a few days at the most. True?)
5) How many days can I ask for a delay, accepting that the vehicle is reassigned to someone else? (I read 30 days. True?)
6) With #5, what happens when I am ready to accept delivery? How long is the way before Tesla assigns me the vehicle?
6a) The MYLR was ordered in 3/2022, if I delay the delivery, will it affect the inclusion of the Mobile Connector?

I'm mulling the decision to remove FSD and buying it OTA after delivery so that I can save on registration, earn points with a credit card, have the 48-hour return and subscription flexibility. If, however, FSD price goes up, I will likely just keep it as part of the order. It just comes down to math and how long I think I will keep this car.
7) How late before delivery can I remove FSD from my order? (I read any time before delivery, is that true? Is it a matter of calling/telling a rep?)
8) Will removing FSD before delivery affect my delivery date? In other words, can/will Tesla pull the vehicle because I removed FSD? (I read no, want to confirm.)
9) I presume, if I remove FSD prior to delivery, I can buy FSD using the app immediately after delivery? (I read yes, want to confirm.)
10) Does delaying delivery (as above) affect my ability to remove FSD before delivery?
11) What does everyone's tea leaf read on FSD price increase? What might be the timing? I presume this will also increase the monthly subscription cost? I know it's all speculation, but I'm curious on your thoughts.
12) Is there sales tax on the post delivery or subscription on the purchase of FSD?
13) I want FSD, even with the issues. From what I can tell, the breakeven is 5 years between $12K up front and subscription. If selling the car in 5 years, a FSD-included car may garner some additional value. But if selling the car in 3 years, what addition to the sale price might a FSD-included car get? Again, it's math and probably related to how capable FSD is in 3 years. Your thoughts?

Performance Boost:
14) I know Performance Boost can be added post delivery. Is there sales tax?
15) What is the general market experience for added resale value for Ys with Performance Boost?
16) With PB, I read that the acceleration curve can only be detuned by using Chill, but standard acceleration is no longer available. Will this affect range, if driving habits remain the same? I have read it both ways.

Afterthought: I was clear about MYLR because I wanted the range, reduced unsprung weight, reduced maintenance cost (e.g., tires), and most importantly ride quality. The performance of MYP is nice, but I didn't care for 21" wheels. I recently learned that MYP also has Matrix headlights, which was not on the Tesla list during ordering. I would pay a premium for Matrix lights and performance, but not at the cost of worse ride. Coming from highline cars, even the MYLR ride is not ideal, but it's the tech that drew me to Tesla (which is why I'm interested in the headlights). Aside from Matrix, what else is different between MYLR and MYP that is not listed on the Tesla site?

With a long post like this, it's possible that there are those who will nitpick. I'm just looking for information and maybe this will help others in the future. Many thanks for any input.
I don't think Tesla is right for you. It is performance oriented cuv which has stiffer suspension setup. you can't have both at this price point.

Thanks, but it does not answer any of my questions. Most would agree that, as an example, BMWs are performance-oriented. BMWs to me ride better than a MY. I decided that I wanted a Tesla for my reasons described above.
As most of your questions are about how to delay delivery why not just wait till you Want to buy a car vs playing a game and further messing up the order que for others? Want car, buy car pretty simple. I would say most All of your other questions are covered in multiple threads.
As most of your questions are about how to delay delivery why not just wait till you Want to buy a car vs playing a game and further messing up the order que for others? Want car, buy car pretty simple. I would say most All of your other questions are covered in multiple threads.

Thank you. Out of the 17 questions I posed, six are about delaying. I would hardly characterize that as "most". You made several assumptions, such as "playing a game" and that I do not want to buy a car now. They are all erroneous. Ironically and on the contrary, I am wanting to understand my options so that I can mitigate risks of delaying my order beyond unforseen necessities. What if I am out of the country at the time? What if a life even precludes me from accepting the car for a period of time? I would like to know what to do and what my options are should delaying be necessary.

There are many threads about these subjects, to be sure, so people must have their reasons for asking that is other than "playing games" in order to "further messing up the order que for others". Indeed, these questions may have been covered elsewhere. At the same time, I stated in the original post that I have encountered many inconsistencies and therefore hope that I can compile the latest and most correct information herewith. Perhaps it will help others, too.

I, for one, would certainly appreciate it if you can contribute by answering some of these questions.
For your first 2 question...
To make a change you can call Tesla, text Tesla, chat with Tesla.
OR you can do it yourself by using this link (changing the end to your RN#): https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount/edit-design/RN#######

Thank you. The link exposed the order editing page that I was not able to find. I was going to edit the first post to start interlacing the answers, but cannot. In any case, I appreciate the tips!