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A month and 1500 miles....

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So far so good with my beautiful white LR "Misty". Actually more than "good"! Drives like a dream, all the computer stuff works seamlessly, sooo comfortable and the sound system is amazing. I charge off an available 240 V dryer outlet which is more than enough fast for any of my driving needs.
My only little gripe is that I wish you could adjust the "aggressiveness" of braking/acceleration in CC. But maybe that is (and much more) coming in future updates.
Also as for all the complaints of build quality I've read, well I'm no expert but I can't see any blemishes in paint or fit and there are absolutely no rattles or squeaks. Feels absolutely solid.

Fantastic car and I'm very happy!

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Do you have the most recent V10 software.
Only limited experience with it thus far but the breaking and acceleration in CC/AP seem to be improved.

Seems to brake earlier and more smoothly than V9 software and acceleration is faster from a stop which works better than V9. The better acceleration likely makes efficiency worse.
Yes and v10 is better but still could be smoother. Still, very minor issue when everything else is pretty much great!


I hope it can get better
Part of me feels like the radar can only see so far
When you have slowed or stopped traffic the car doesn’t break until fairly close to it even though as a driver you see the slowdown ahead

Could always be a problem until the radar technology (or whatever the car sight is based on) improves