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a new, heavily discounted 2018 Panamera 4ehybrid or Model S (not a P)

I had a Volt, now currently an ELR, and want something still unique. I like luxury, efficiency, and style.
Anyone familiar with the current Panamera 4 ehybrids?
I test drove several Model S; very impressive, but not sure I can go full electric just yet. Anyone have both?

Panamera hybrid? No. Lexus GS450h? Yes. Hybrids are nice. Once I test drove the MS we gave the hybrid to our daughter until the MY comes out. No looking back; no regrets. The Tesla will spoil the experience in any other automobile. A little over 3 years old and 116000 miles later we still love it (wife is a HUGE fan) and cannot see ourselves in anything else. If someone comes up with easy cross country charging and lots of other Tesla features we might consider another (fully electric) vehicle. It is not perfect and lacks many whistles and bells (and lots of knobs, dials, and switches) that other luxury cars offer. Between the Lexus, Mercedes, and BMWs we have owned we choose the Tesla. Hands down.

P.S. Why the uncertainty of going full electric just yet? Enjoy going to the gas station? Our car fills as necessary in the garage every night. Cleaner, cheaper, and one less stop to make. Get over range anxiety: not a thing. There are plenty of places to charge (at least one in every house in America).

Follow Nike's advice: just do it!


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Mar 8, 2015
If you have the ability to charge at home, I'd definitely recommend going with Tesla. Living in Ohio, you shouldn't have any problem with road trips either as the are Superchargers in every direction.

We picked up our first Tesla 3.5 years ago...and just picked up the 10th one last week. We're hooked!


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Jul 1, 2019
mid wales
I had a Volt, now currently an ELR, and want something still unique. I like luxury, efficiency, and style.
Anyone familiar with the current Panamera 4 ehybrids?
I test drove several Model S; very impressive, but not sure I can go full electric just yet. Anyone have both?

The S is a nice car to drive manually. It's an expensive car but its not a luxury car. It lets itself down with crappy automated wipers and lights and promises of future abilities that it hasn't got quite right and progress is slow. I don't fault the powertrain and handling for such a weighty vehicle but sadly everything else is just that bit 'off'.
I currently have a Mercedes S550e Plug-in Hybrid, and Porsche had loaned me a Panamera 4 E-Hybrid for a couple weeks. Both are with similar layout of tech -- twin-turbo V6 with a small lithium-ion battery and electric motor. Their 'real world' electric-only range are around 16-17 miles.

And I just got a Tesla Model S LR (Raven.)

The Mercedes and Porsche are nice European cars -- Look very expensive, are very complex machines, and have excellent details on everything. I paid $120K for my S550e three years ago, and recently CarMax offered me $43K! Talk about deprecation. The car is just so complex, no one wants to touch it especially when it is out of warranty.

The Tesla is like a future car today. Once my wife and I drove it, we haven't driven the Mercedes since. It was like switching from a Nokia to an iPhone, hard to go back.

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I came from having a 911 and eClass to just a Model S. I am not sure what the other comment means by Tesla is progressing slow and things don't work right. Every car of every price point will have their faults if you want to pick on them, no one car is perfect.

That said, to the above comment... all cars after driving Tesla just seems so backward and complex. Is hard to explain what the sensation is, but the comment about nokia and iphone is probably the most exact. Everything just seems more right.
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Sep 6, 2014
Porsche will feel like a luxury car and it will drive well, but it is no Tesla. As others have said, once going Tesla - meaning the electric rush + the highly intuitive user interface - there is no going back. My dream car is a model S with redesigned interior (nicer materials, proper interior lights, better fit and finish), new battery pack with rapid charging (like our current 3) but with the same type of user interface; should also have the phone as key feature.

I looked extensively at the Taycan - the car is beautiful but I can just imagine getting irritated with the controls. Much like I find esthetically my Merc E-coupe much more pleasing / soothing - but hate whenever I have to interact with the menu.

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