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A question for UK Model S/X owners only please!

In mid August I ordered a custom Model X Raven LR for delivery to Edinburgh. A short while later while we were in Edinburgh for the Fringe festival I popped into Multrees Walk (Tesla Edinburgh) to ask about estimated delivery times and was told end October probably. A few days back I received a final invoice in myTesla account, complete with VIN, with the wording “scheduled delivery: 30th October”. Although this gels with what I was told could any of you kind folk comment on the accuracy of the final invoice scheduled date vs actual date for the X or S deliveries please?
Thanks, Tony
I was given an estimate of delivery date (week commencing... Sort of thing) before final invoice. That estimate remained right. In fact I asked to bring it forward a week and they did. But I didn't have an estimate or invoice as far ahead of estimated delivery as you do. I got my car in early August from an early may order. Almost exactly 3 months all in.
I received a final invoice in myTesla account, complete with VIN, with the wording “scheduled delivery: 30th October”.

In my experience it is unusual to get a final invoice more than a month in advance of delivery. Except where the Scottish Government EV Loan is being used, because of the huge lead time for the Red Tape to be completed and the funds release - is that your situation perhaps?
I've just checked my document copies and the date on the invoice is 3 weeks prior to (planned) delivery. And my actual delivery was 2 working days after that planned date (thanks to Easter getting in the way). It's not massively unreasonable to assume they've streamlined the process somewhat, so a month seems like a long time but it's not beyond the bounds of possibility.

If I were you I would be prepared for the actual delivery date to differ either way by a couple of days depending on whether the local SC can receive and process the car, and you will want to make sure all the preparation from your side - funds transferred and confirmed, insurance ready, etc etc - are complete at least 48 hours prior to delivery. But there's no reason to doubt that the date they've given you is massively wrong, at this stage.
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The EST is only available for cars with a list price under £60k. I thought your model was more expensive than that?

Not correct actually although I also read that somewhere. I did apply and get approved for the full EST loan for my X but decided against it for reasons only understood by myself! (Basically I have the cash and psychologically hate owing money!). I spoke to EST to cancel the loan and no problem. Possibly EST Scotland are more generous than EST elsewhere?