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A thread for people not really doing much of anything to their car

EVer Hopeful

Jul 7, 2021
Hey, to each their own 👍 I'm happy for the people who are wrapping, changing lights, putting on aftermarket wheels etc etc, but it's not really for me. Nor I suspect, is it for a lot of peeps out here

I'd like to be as stock as possible, so I can blend in with traffic and hopefully not get shot (it's Texas after all). I also object to buying a $55,000 car, then dumping several more thousands of earth dollars into it

I liked the pics of the letters on the back, but won't be doing it. I'll get the all weather mats, because I always do and it helps keep the car clean, likewise the bin things in the back. I'll also add mud flaps (once I've read all 27 pages of the mud flaps thread of course 😈 ). I'll probably take the covers of the wheels, but might not (definitely would if it was a 3) although I'll put them on for long journeys. I saw the electric frunk opener, but I'm not about to rip apart a brand new $55,000 car AND drop another $550 into it for something that maybe should be there anyway. And I won't be changing the suspension either!

Like I said, hats of to all those who want these mods. I understand why you're doing it and hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I just thought there should also be a thread just for the miserable old gits like me who aren't doing any of that stuff 🤡


Active Member
Nov 13, 2019
Quebec City, Canada
I'm similar to you, at least for the moment. Have a half PPF because of bad weather here, with mudflaps. I have aftermarket 18" wheels (R241 replika) so I have two sets, winter and summer. Small mods inside: wireless charging, usb hub, obd2 connector (scanmytesla). Oh, I bought the performance boost for my LR AWD... does that count as a mod? :)
Maybe one day I'll upgrade the subpar suspension.


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Aug 3, 2020
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Eh?
@EVer Hopeful yeah same situation. We got some all-weather mats (we went with WeatherTech--I would have preferred 3DMaxpider or Tesla Shield) and so far that's it. I think we're going to add the Tesla front mud flaps relatively soon before the weather gets too bad here, and that's about it. There's a few accessories I'd like to add but my better half has kept me at bay.

If it were up to me, we'd add one of those sliding storage trays in the center console bin, a full set of mud flaps of some kind, a cargo cover (probably the Model Y Shelf rather than the retracting one that has been popular recently). I'd also love to take off the Gemini aero covers and get the cap kit, but the better half dislikes the Apollo rims underneath more than I dislike the Gemini covers, sigh).


Aug 8, 2021
I’m with you, OP. We picked up our new MYP yesterday, and I don’t expect to add anything beyond rubber floor mats for the winter, and mud guards. And probably cargo carriers/organizers for the back & frunk for grocery runs, but I don’t count them as”mods”.


Jul 30, 2021
While I love learning about all the spiffy toys I can get for the MY that I'm waiting to arrive, I dunno how many things on the list I'm assembling will actually get purchased. There are things on the list that are a given for any car I own here (front PPF, tint, all-weather mats) but beyond that, I dunno.

Mud flaps are the one thing I'm pretty sure about. Given my desire to keep the front end clear, I'll probably get a removable license plate holder for when I'm in areas that care about front plates. Maybe some console-organizing goodies. Perhaps a cargo cover down the road, depending on my use of the under-trunk. My kid will probably lobby for a sun screen for the roof but he might not be riding in my car enough for that to be an issue.

I'm somewhat smitten by the Replika R241 wheels but my cheap streak will likely prevail there.

When you get down to it, I just want to have the dang car, regardless of what nifty add-ons might be available. :)


Aug 1, 2021
St Paul, MN
I just got my MYP a couple of days ago. I don't think I'll be doing any mods to the car, but I've already put in a some accessories such as rubber floor/trunk mats, and various interior bins. My car actually came with Tesla mudflaps/rear PPF installed, so I guess those are stock items for me.


Jul 10, 2021
I just got my MYP a couple of days ago. I don't think I'll be doing any mods to the car, but I've already put in a some accessories such as rubber floor/trunk mats, and various interior bins. My car actually came with Tesla mudflaps/rear PPF installed, so I guess those are stock items for me.
Pick mine up in a week, I really hope it comes with mudflats/rear ppt already installed. I wonder why some get those and some don't? Living in Iowa, definitely getting the rubber floor mats, because I do in all our vehicles. I don't really consider that to be a mod.


Jul 10, 2021
When I look at the OP and I think about Mods for my vehicles, I think we should further define Mod.
For me a Mod is anything I buy for a vehicle that my wife rolls her eyes at me and maybe withholds bedroom favors for a few days. Maybe even verbally says things like "you are stupid", "why would you need that", "you already spent enough on that car", or other versions of these phrases that all mean the same thing.

I don't think accessories really count in these, most of the time because she doesn't notice them, or appreciates that they are useful after the fact.


Active Member
Jul 15, 2008
Angwin (Napa Valley) CA
I got the Tesla mud flaps (free install & never look at them again).

The Tesla center console organizer is cheap and very useful. Makes the space much more useful.

Need floor mats before winter.
Everyone wants to install mud flaps it seems. Why?? Don't they pave the roads where you live? Even when I lived on a gravel/dirt road I never used mud flaps for any of my business vehicles, but that was decades ago.

And if you don't need mud flaps, you don't need floor mats. You do know that the carpeted floor mats are easily washable at the car wash, right?

I lived in Missouri for a couple decades and ran a business with a dozen trucks and vans. None of them had any aftermarket mud flaps or floor mats on them . None of them had any form of organizer between the front seats, either. I guess it's just me, but all this extra stuff is a waste of money and invites people to lay their trash all over the car.

Last I knew, Boulder was pretty much paved, as is California. But you gotta do what you gotta do, especially if you live out in the boondocks where it's nothing but dirt/mud roads.


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Oct 2, 2020
Without front mud flaps the Model Y will fling debris from the front tires on the door panels. The mud flaps, depending on the design, can reduce this by up to 90%. (I see many Model Y, Model 3 in my area and to be honest not many of these Tesla vehicles have mud flaps of any type.) If you don't mind driving a dirty looking vehicle or go to the car wash frequently then you may be fine. It has been shown that on the Model Y the more abrasive debris such as sand, gravel etc. will damage the paint on the rear doors and the plastic trim on the rocker panels.

Floor liners help keep the interior carpeting clean year round. In summer you can easily vacuum out any debris. In winter floor liners are able to catch the snow, ice that will accumulate on your shoes or boots if you walk outdoors to get to the vehicle. Add to this the salt used on walkways and treated road surfaces and winter will make short work of carpeted floor mats. The floor liners can be quickly removed and washed clean, dried quickly and put back in the vehicle. I wash the driver's side floor liner of my Model Y every time I wash the Model Y.

After 14 months the floor liners look like new except for a few scuffs and some deep scratches that I believe were caused by a piece of gravel in the tread on my walking shoe. I have stored the Tesla factory carpeted floor mats and will put them into service when it is time to sell the Model Y. I will either keep the floor liners or sell them as I did with the floor liners from my previous vehicle.
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