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Ability to charge Tesla on Porsche charger?

I had an overnight stay at the Royal Mail Hotel at Dunkeld in Victoria last week.

They have two Tesla and two Porsche destination chargers, of which all but one Porsche charger was iced. I thought a good opportunity to try the Porsche charger as I had heard that they were compatible. Had to use the app to open the charge door, plugged in ok and the car brought up the charge screen but I was unable to get it to start charging.

Later in the evening on of the Tesla chargers became available and I used that without issues (S 75D).

Any Tesla owners used these chargers successfully?


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We have a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid and use the same charger for both our Porsche and Tesla Model 3. The only issue is that even though the Porsche charger can charger up to 40V, we have to cap it at 24V in the Tesla App. Otherwise we get a power fault on the Porsche Charger.