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About to take delivery of new 85D demo. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

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Hi folks,

After a ton of browsing and finally winning the wife over I put my deposit down on a demo 85D that's being shipped to my service center (closest one is Orlando).

Obviously this car will have some miles on it, but I liked the idea is saving some money with the discount while still getting the new purchase taxcredit.

My question to the veterans is should I look for anything concerning when I take delivery of the car? IE: any specific problems a demo car or one with around 6k miles on it that I should watch out for?

Greatly looking forward to my new car, but want to be smart about it too.

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I also took a Tesla from inventory, mine a P85D. There are several threads here related to this topic. Although more of them lately deal with CPO, the same factors apply whether inventory or used.

Four specific things I would watch for are: 1) examine every single millimeter of the car for damage, small imperfections in chrome placement, paint or trim pieces; 2) check for small damage in each door panel area and adjoining trim, especially in the back seats; 3) Ask for copies of every service record. You get one for each event after you have the car, but not before without asking. Some will give those, some won't, but it is always useful to know what has been replaced or problematical with your car; 3) Tire wear. You'll receive a tire wear evaluation on every tire each time your car goes to a Service Center. Knowing how much wear there has been and where lets you know if there were alignment problems. That is more important with 21" wheels since they have more rear problems. Mostly, 19" seem to have many fewer issues.

There are a number of active posters here who have had multiple Teslae so they do have very well informed opinions.

Enjoy your car!!
Congrats! I had a very good experience with my Inventory Demo unit delivery this weekend....I took my time and went over the car and made sure there was nothing "major". There were a few slight scuffs on the very lower part of the nose but nothing outlandish and barely noticeable...and with 7,600 miles on it I couldn't expect it to look like it just came off the assembly line. Although, I must say that Tesla Long Island did a very good job with the detail and other than a few very, very light wear marks/scuffs (again, hardly noticeable in very limited areas), it looked like a new vehicle. It's only been a few days but so far, so good.