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Accident at Oxnard Supercharger Site

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This is what it looked like when I returned to my car after lunch. (That's my car on the left. It was undamaged.) The first responders cut power to the site, and I suspect it'll be down for a while.
@ka9q you must have been nervous walking back to your car seeing that :eek:. Good thing you weren't sitting in your car even if you didn't sustain any damage.

I brought up google maps and the Tesla Supercharger in Oxnard and surprised there isn't anything that would have prevented him from crossing over into the shopping center area like the guard rails. I see the wire fence and some guard rails along 101 but clearly they weren't enough of a preventative safely barrier and looks like he was going downhill after veering off the 101 too which probably didn't help him. And from looking at the google map photos of that supercharger area I guess it was lucky he didn't hit earlier than that and into the brown slatted wood corralled electrical cabinets. Quite a few good photos there of just that area.

Hope he and any passengers were okay. Probably a pretty penny for the repair though. Wow your lucky day. Did you have enough of a charge to get where you were going after that? Haven't been that far south on 101 yet so not sure how charging options are around there.
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This has actually happened before.. Too bad the pick up driver didn't have auto pilot

Yes, it's happened at least once before with a significant outage. This example is from 2014.

Supercharger - Oxnard (EXPANDED, 8 stalls added, now 18 total)

Yep, I thought I remembered seeing this before. What is it about this location? You don’t hear about people randomly veering off the freeway very often. Certainly not twice in the same spot in 2 years.
"you must have been nervous walking back to your car seeing that"

Yes. Yes, I was. My first indication of a problem was a message to my phone saying that charging had been interrupted, "Check charger power". I assumed that the connector needed to be reseated, and since it hadn't been charging long I kind of groaned and finished my lunch. On the way out I'm thinking of the occasional Tesla that has caught fire while charging and I say to myself "Well, there's no plume of smoke so it's probably not that". But then I notice the mall security vehicle blocking off that part of the lot, I round the corner, and, well you can see the rest. The fireman you see seemed slightly amused when he asked if that was my car -- as if he needed to. I asked if the driver of the truck was OK and he said yes.

This was my first visit to the site, which is why I photographed it just after plugging in. Now somebody here tells me there has been a prior accident. I think I'll avoid it in the future.