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Accidental or Deliberate [Resolved-Accidental]

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So, I took my car into the dealership for an airbag issue and they found this.

I originally figured that since this past weekend, I was up in Canada and went on a service road to find the hike we wanted to do. Here we upped it to extra high on the suspension and made our way up. I know it wasnt the smartest idea, however, we made it in and out and rescued a few trucks who run out of gas.

Turn back today and they made me aware of this. I figured it would have been the service road, however, after looking at the picture closely, I see that its a screw and its screwed all the way though - what are the chances this could happen. In addition, it is in the side wall, and we all know if youj want to ruin a tire, you take aim at the sidewall.

I will have to check the sentry mode when I get my car back from Tesla, but interested to hear your thoughts.

PS: have reported the other thread.