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Accidentally Hitting Seat Adjustment Controls

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Hi all, new 2022 MYLR owner here. Loving the car so far, but there is one thing that has been annoying me. Almost every time I enter or exit the car, my left leg bumps the seat adjustment controls, mainly the seat-back forward/back button. It's annoying because when I get in the car I am leaning back and have to readjust, frequently. I have searched everywhere for someone else with this issue, but I have not found anything. I can't be the only one having this problem. Anyone else having this issue?
I am trying to figure out how I would have to twist my body to get my leg to contact the seat controls and I can't envision how this is happening. Can you have your wife take a video of you getting into the car for us?

Yeah, the seat controls on the Y aren't in a unique location to this vehicle or brand. If this happens in a Y, it should happen in nearly any other car with power seats, too.

How it's happening is a complete mystery to me though. Unless there is some significant amount of bodily "spillover" on to the switches when initially sitting down... :oops:

Regardless, you shouldn't have to re-adjust the seat controls. Once you're comfortable, just restore the driver profile and the seat will go back to your preferred setting, assuming you've set it.
It should not matter. In mine, it gives u the option to save to my profile after any changes, adverdent or otherwise, right on the screen immediately after anynvhange to seats or mirrors.. Unless I hit save on the screen, it goes back to previous saved location.