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Add a User to My Model 3 [add secondary account access to my tesla]

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to install the tesla app on a different persons phone, and have them get access to your car via their own tesla app? Or, are you trying to setup a second profile for a different driver in the vehicle itself?
Install the Tesla app on another person's phone, and give them access to my car from their phone in case of an emergency.

Ok.. There are two ways to accomplish this. A "very easy" way (but less secure) and a slightly convoluted way but more secure.


Simply download the tesla app on the other persons phone, then log into the tesla app with your own, existing credentials.


1. Very easy, can be done quickly
2. The person using your account on the other phone has access to everything, including roadside service through the app, and purchasing upgrades.

1. Less secure, you are sharing your tesla account
2. Sometimes the app logs out.
3. The person using your account on the other phone has access to everything, including roadside service through the app and purchasing upgrade

SLIGHTLY more convoluted way:


1. Have person who you want to give access to, create their own tesla account before starting this. A tesla account can be created easily, without having any tesla products to put in the account. Do this BEFORE attempting to grant access. Once the person you want to give access to creates their own tesla account, have them give you the email address they used when creating that account.

2. Recommendation: Do this on a computer, instead of a phone. these instructions below assume accessing the tesla account from a computer / getting the computer version of the tesla website, not the version that may present on mobile devices.


1. Navigate to tesla.com website. Click login in upper right hand corner
2.Click the MANAGE button under the picture of your car
3. Next to the words CAR ACCESS click the little arrow that signifies there is a drop down menu
4. Click the small link that says ADD DRIVER (its in a somewhat small font)
5. Enter first name, last name and email address of the person you want to grant access to. NOTE: This should match the information used by the person previously to create their tesla account above, in PRE - Requisites.
6. Click save
7. Now, have person you just added on the website log out of the tesla app on their phone, wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then log back in
Wow! Thank you for the detailed information. That should do to.

Sure, no problem. Im in IT, and in my "day job" I sometimes have to explain to smart, (but non technical) people how to accomplish X or Y in some IT system or other, which is why I typed the way I would send to one of them in an email to explain how to do this.
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I expanded on my post above with a bit more information, and made a sticky post for this question. That can be found here:

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Dang, JJ... now that is the way to answer a question.

I really wish that Tesla would fix the "sometimes the phone logs you out" bug. Always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times, plus if you have it setup on a relative's phone that lives a ways away the only way to get them back in is to give them your login credentials. But then again, if you trust them enough to have account access, I guess it's not that big of a deal for them to have your Tesla password.
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Just keep in mind that person can see where your car is at any time, with exact accuracy (in a map). And also know how fast you're driving at any time, lock/unlock car, open trunks, stop charging, and even sounding the horn. If you're okay with that (and no, you cannot disable the 'location' feature), then go ahead and follow the excellent instructions above :). Good luck.
Using separate accounts for each person eliminates any security concerns, and there’s no downside to doing it that way (once you know how to do it). Sharing an account gives everyone access to the web account also, which has credit card info etc.

We have two Teslas, an S (mine) and a 3 (my wife’s), and we have separate accounts. My account has access to both cars because I drove both, but my wife’s account only has access to her car.
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