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Add current car Model + AP version?

Can you add something in everyone's profiles for model and AP version so that when people are talking about problems or features or such that we'll know what car this is on. Example for below avatar:

P85D / APv1

Traditionally, people have used their signature lines for that information, which also allows them to express multiple vehicles. If someone posts about a problem/feature/whatever, it's actually best for them to mention the model/AP version/whatever in the body of the post, to keep all of the relevant information together.

Yep. But many people (me too until just now) don't do that. And even among those that do, some are surprisingly cryptic. Specific fields for:

Mfr 1:
Model 1:
AV 1:

Mfr 2:
Model 2:
AV 2:

Could help encourage people to fill the info in and allow TMC to place it so that its the same for every poster.

I mentioned this because recently there have been a large number of posts I've read where this info would have been useful but was not available. And,... I may not always want to or have the time to weed through a thread to find the info or to see if someone else has already asked them for it so that I don't gook the thread up by repeating the request.
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