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Added Custom Accent Lighting for Cheap

Total cost about $50.
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Yeah, sorry, didn't have time to write it up earlier.

For the door armrest lights- I had to pop off all four door panels to instal these light. I tapped into the wires leading into the window control button. The pic with the insulation in the background shows the white connector leading into the window control module. The tan and blue wire is the power for the light on the window control button. Black is ground. I found it adjusts with the screen brightness and they stay on while in drive. It is the perfect brightness. 3.5V @0% and 13V @100% brightness. The drivers door was a little tricker because it didnt have he blue and tan wire in the connector bundle. The drivers door connector is the blue connector with three wires coming from it. I found it weird it has a more buttons and controls but less wires. I found the tan and blue wire among the massive bundle leading into the large black box on the door. The three pics after the four blue led strips show the back of the drivers door.

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Under the driver and passenger footwells- I popped off the panels with the stock footwell light using a T20 torx screwdriver. BTW, about 95% of all screws on the interior are T20. 2 screws on each side. I unplugged the connector on the rear, tapped into them. Never plugged the connector back in to the stock light. It's not bright at all. Pointless to have connected.

- - - Updated - - -

For the colored accent lighting radiating forward and rearward under driver and passenger seats- I disassembled the center console (I had my armrests reupholstered). I soldered a connection to the 12v socket next to the usb ports. Finding power for all these lights isn't very hard. U just need to find power that has the same location and on/off characteristics that u want and need for the lights u want to add. For these lights I wanted them on while the car is on. 12v socket was my best option. I bought an RGBW led strip with a rf controller. I can change the color or affect anytime i choose. I've been changing it once every few days. The 4 blue led strips are the ones I used for this mod. I soldered about 18 inches of wire between each 8 inch led strip. I started with the front of the passenger seat, worked the wires under the seat and did the back of the passenger seat. I then ran the wires under the rear bench floor mat and did the drivers seat. I played the receiver under the front of the passenger seat.

Any Questions?
Door armrest lighting- I measured and cut a small strip of cool white LEDs that fit under the armrest. The front doors are 14 inches and the rear doors are 8 inches long. The LEDs are cuttable in 2 inch segments. I soldered about 18 inches of red and black 22 gauge wire and heat shrunk the end of all four led strips. It's the perfect length in case the door panel needs to be removed there will be enough slack. I used 18-22 gauge quick connects from radio shack to tap into the wires in the door.. Make sure to feed the wires through the door first and making sure the LEDs turn on after tapping into the power.