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Adding accent LED lights. Need HELP finding a power switch source.

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Hey guys has anyone installed LED accents lights or DRL lights to there Model X. I have installed everything to a Relay Auxiliary harness but when I try tapping the on/off switch to Headlights or foglights the LED lights stay on. Am I supposed to have a separate toggle switch? I really wanted the lights to turn on/off with either the fog lights or headlights.
Please see photos for example wiring I did.


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I have led accent lighting in my M3 working from the footwell light feed via a small relay board (the footwell feed is too weedy to power the kit properly - blows the soft-fuse)

It works brilliantly. There is no reason you couldn't use the same board to take a signal from any 12v cable in the car if you want it switched on a different signal.
I tried just a relay on the footwell lights to switch the kit, but the lights dim when driving, and this dropped the relay each time it happened - cant commen on other lights in the car...

See Youtube videos linked to my channel

Youtube Video 1