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adjusting headlight?

PDF page 57 (page number 55) of the owner's manual: https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf

The owner's manual is available in PDF form in the service tab on the car's screen. The headlight adjustment is in that same service tab.

Just be careful with the adjustement, because the manual is also clear that there is no "return to home" type setting. Once you start adjusting it, there is no command to return to what it was before you started.

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I have the new world headlights on my 12/2020 Model 3. Ever curious, I touched the Adjust Headlights button yesterday on the Service screen thinking there would be a confirmation box before proceeding. What followed was rather interesting...

There was no "are you sure?" prompt. Uh oh, guess I'm committed, or should be. Good thing I had previously taken a photo of where the headlights were originally aimed against my garage wall in my normal parking position. Strongly advise doing so in case you (or someone) ever accidentally touches the Adjust Headlights button. Alternatively, put some blue tape on the wall to mark your normal beam positions.

Some motors whirred and the headlights aimed all the way down, then slowly came back up while the display said something about auto-leveling in progress. They stopped well below where they started and a bunch of the pixels turned off so they were more like thin bright horizontal lines on the wall. I could adjust left and right levels using the scroll wheels, just like adjusting the mirrors. Strangely, the pixels remaining on were apparently not the normal top horizontal cut-off, but more the center of the beams, so it took some trial and error to get my lights back to where they originally were.

Turns out my headlights were originally set from delivery 10 clicks above the auto-level, so that's where I've returned them to. After confirming, the lights returned to normal.

I would imagine there's a procedure for leveling these new headlights in the service manual. Curious that it isn't the top horizontal cut-off that remains illuminated during the level procedure, as that's how I've adjusted on previous cars by carefully measuring drop over distance against a wall on a level surface.. then again I was parked about 10' from my garage wall. Maybe it makes more sense from further away.
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