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Adjusting manual trunk height

Hi guys,

don't particularly fancy the powerlift gate and its 3k associated option but my garage ceiling is pretty low and i would need to get the trunk height adjusted down.

Do you guys know if this is possible to do on the manual trunk gate?

Yup. Open the lift gate all the way, then manually push it down to the height you want. Then use it normally and it will remember that height.

At least that's how it was explained to me. Test it OUTSIDE of the garage first! :)
Hi PatD, is that with non powerlift gate? seems odd to me. Will ask the store to test before pulling the trigger!:)
any other feedback?
Shorter strut would do it, but the pressure rating may be different when holding the liftgate at a lower height. I imagine it is a bit heavier to hold in a partial open position than the fully open position. Probably can be done, but would need some effort to figure out how to get the right length and pressure/load rating on the strut. Might also be able to do it with strut limiting straps if you could figure a way to mount it. Either way requires a bit of engineering and/or fabrication.
That's exactly my question!!;-) if manual lift gate, is there a way to permanently reduce the height of the gate!?;-)
Right. According to the manual it's not possible, but someone posted a new procedure above and the manual isn't always kept up to date.

If Model S is equipped with a powered liftgate,you can adjust its opening height to make iteasier to reach.