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Vendor Adonis Detail - Model S New Car Prep and Modesta BC-04 Nano Protection

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Tesla Model S Modesta Paint Coating - Adonis Detail

This 2014 Tesla Model S85 was brought in to perform our Modesta coating treatment. This treatment provides unbeatable protection to the vehicle and is warrantied to last 5 years or more with proper maintenance! Modesta BC-04 was chosen for this particular vehicle due to its color, clients driving needs and maintenance requirements. BC-04 forms a very hard hydrophilic nano-titanium glass coating on top of the clear coat shielding it from the elements. Our process including Modesta adds up to 10 Microns to the paint surface, measurable with out paint thickness gauges!
In addition Modesta has been proven to provide a reduction in the vehicles coefficient of drag with independent wind tunnel testing, resulting in more ranger for Tesla owners!


We start of this detail with a thorough hand washing and decontamination, we use only the softest wash media and techniques to ensure no damage is occurring during this process. We use both a clay bar and a chemical de-ironizer to properly cleanse the paint surface prior to polishing.



The wheels are thoroughly cleaned and prepped for their Modesta coating as well. Coating the wheels ensures no harsh brake dust can etch itself into the delicate finish. This process also results in a much easier cleaning process in the future as dirt, tar and brake dust doesn't stick to the coating!



After the wash process we perform a light polish to refresh the paint and remove any minor damage that might be present. Some cars come straight from Tesla in perfect condition and don't need much polishing, while others are in need of more polishing to remove surface defects prior to coating application.





Step 1 of our Modesta Coating process involves a primer coating (p-01a). This procedures preps the vehicles paintwork and increases the cross linking of the coating to the paint surface. In addition p-01a adds up to 10 microns of thickness and can be used as a standalone protection lasting over a year! Plus P-01a looks and performs as good if not better than most coatings on the market, and this is just Step 1 of our Modesta process. This process requires a 3 hour curing period before Modesta Coatings can be applied on top.





Step 2 is coating application, in this case Modesta BC-04 was chosen. Modesta has several different coating options to suit a wide range of needs. BC-04 requires a very tedious and skillful "wet" application. Once completed its very clear the coating is on the surface, you can see and FEEL the difference already.



Step 3, after coating process we use Infrared Cure lamps to cure the coating at a temp of 60*C for 15 minutes per panel. This process drastically increases the coatings hardness and protections abilities as well as its shine and gloss. It takes a total of 3 weeks before the coating is completely cured.



The final finish is now properly protected for years to come! The protection abilities, gloss and shine of the Modesta process is truly a game changer in the coating industry.











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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Modesta Treatment for your vehicle please don't hesitate to contact us!
-Tim Coats
Adonis Detail, San Diego
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