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Advance summon memory?

Does it store info of the parking lot as you park? Does it make a difference if you drive past where you plan to summon it then park vs coming in from another direction?

I only had some limited tests with summon and noticed at times it seems to follow the paths correctly while other times it will drive across parking spots. Another time it seemed to have issue with what I though was a fairly simple route however I came in from a different direction and summoning it required it to continue along an area I didn't drive past on the way in.

So I was wondering if it store info of the parking lot as I park. In that case it should be better to drive past the spot you want to summon it to then park vs just parking.
I don't think it does currently but that's just a hunch. Ultimately it will need to have some way of remembering features of the lot because the cues that indicate directionality of the row (arrows on the ground, for example) might not be visible when the car is pulling out. I'm guessing the satellite view of the lot plays a big role, so at the moment success may be dependent on how much information can be extracted from that (think about a lot with faded paint vs one that's really well defined in the satellite image). This probably explains why some lots are navigated beautifully while others are handled in bizarre fashion.