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Advanced summons

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Smart summon requires strong mobile coverage for both the car and your mobile phone. If you have weak coverage, summon may fail in the middle of the operation. This happened to me several times. My car stopped and parked itself in the middle of my low-traffic street.

If Tesla's goal is that my car can follow me around like my dog does, there is a long way to go. My dog's summon function works flawlessly even without mobile coverage, and so far the car is batting zero.
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I tried to summon today in a relatively empty mall parking lot. I expected the car to back out the spot and drive to me. Instead, the car started to pull forward. I immediately stopped it - thankfully because there was a car parked in front of mine. When I got to the car, it looked like it turned the wheels like it was going to attempt to go around the car parked in front of it. Just seems like an odd decision for the car to make.
In the evening on the way home, I often stop at a local restaurant and bar with a large parking lot after taking the dogs to their park. Sitting at the bar talking with other patrons and the staff, I brag about how bright our dogs are and when I get ready to leave, I invite them to watch.

Using summon, the Tesla wakes up and drives to me and the happy dogs sit up in the front seats. "See, they are driving the car to me."

Bob Wilson
went to dinner couple days ago and when we left, I wanted to show my brother-in-law how my car would come to me......we were in a large parking lot, only 3 or 4 cars.......it was drizzly also........had clear direct line of sight to car about 130 feet away.....I pressed the come to me summons button and the car turned on and backed up out of the parking spot.......then it stopped......would not move forward.....I released the bottom and tried again......came to life and did nothing......I am not sure whether it was me or something with the system.....gonna go back and look at manual and see what I did wrong.....I was slightly embarrassed....hehehehe