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Advice for Arriving at Model X 9/29 Reveal

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Hi All,

This will be my first Tesla event. I live close by. There's nothing really stopping me from showing up really early.
So I'm just wondering, is there any benefit to showing up extra early? Are these things usually standing room only events where if you get there late (aka on time) you're way at the back trying to barely see/hear?
Or is it reasonable to assume that if the invite says to be there by 7:30, that if you simply plan for traffic, and get there a bit before 7:30, that you'll have a good experience?

showing up extra early?

1) Best parking spot. But if it's vallet, then that doesn't matter.
2) Best spot next to stage. But that means you can't move around and meet people then it may not worth it. You can be far from stage but there are huge monitors, so being near does not matter in that regard.

If there's a drive test, there was a hierarchy so checking in first doesn't mean you get it first.
Prepare to wait for hours for the main event.
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What do I need to bring to prove I'm on the list? Should I print a copy of the invite confirmation or will they check names against some list?

At the Model S Beta Ride Event at the Tesla Factory in October 2011, they had people looking up our names on an iPad. We were given a badge on a lanyard to wear. I also brought a printout of my invite confirmation to show them just in case. I don't know what happened at the "D" event, since I was unable to attend.

Model S Beta Ride Event Badge Front.jpg
Model S Beta Ride Event Badge Back.jpg